Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 lets players fly anywhere in the world they want even to their own house. However, it’ll take a bit of effort to find your house in the game and that is where our Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 guide comes in.

How To Find Your House In Flight Simulator 2020

To find your house in the game, first your need to open up an interactive map like Google Maps or Bing Maps. Players can find their house either by using exact coordinates of their house or by taking off from the nearest airport and navigating your way to your home.

Set Coordinates

Open up the interactive map and find your house’s location on it. Input your address and then, right-click the red pin and choose “What’s here?” and a dialogue box will appear showing the coordinates.

Click on the coordinates and the exact coordinated will appear to the lest of the screen. Note the coordinates down and the larger set of numbers in bold. Open Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and input these coordinates in the search field of the Free Flight mode or World map menu.

After that, click on the two sets of numbers with the pin icon. Set your house as the arrival point and set the departure point near your home like the nearest airport.

Start the flight simulator and players will find their house in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Use The Nearest Airport

First, set the nearest airport to your house as your departure destination in the World map of the game. After that, use the map to find driving/flying instructions to your destination. Take off from the airport and fly to your house.

How To Get To Your House

To fly the plane to your house in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, players need to make use of two maps, the in-game map “the Visual Flight Rules map (VFR)” and the map loaded in your browser or on your phone. Players can open the Visual Flight Rules map (VFR) by pressing V.

The in-game map and the map loaded in your browser or mobile device won’t be identical and players will have to find identical landmarks to sync the maps.

Players will find it difficult to navigate this way as VFR isn’t particularly accurate or identical to Google Maps. Follow the maps to your house and players will find it.

That is all for our Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide on how to find your house in the game. If you are facing performance issues or errors while playing the game then also see our PC Tweaks Guide and Fixes for errors and crashes. You can also check out our Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 landmarks guide.

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