One of the early side quests in Miasma Chronicles requires you to meet five Watchers. These elusive NPCs can be a little tricky to locate but the rewards are well worth your time. Most of these Watchers are located in Chronicles I with a couple of them being in Chronicles II. In this guide, we have shared the locations of all five Watchers that you can find in Miasma Chronicles.


Miasma Chronicles Watchers Locations

Below you will find the locations of all the Watchers in no particular order:

Watcher 1

Spendthrift Ruins
You just need to stay on the left-side of the area. A little ahead, you will see a barricaded section. You will need to break the barrier to get to the other side. This is where you will meet the Watcher. There is also a Weapon Case here if you are interested in collecting it.

Watcher 2

Similar to the previous one, stay on the left-side of the area. After you pass a large building on the left-side, you will notice a small dirt path with the Watcher at the end. This is after a fairly large open-area if you are still unsure on where you need to be.


Watcher 3

After you cross the broken bridge, go toward the left-side and continue until the end of the path to find the Watcher. If you went toward the right-side to face the enemies, you are on the incorrect path.

Watcher 4

This one is really simple. Once you find a character named Thor, search around the area for an attached balcony where you will find the Watcher.

Watcher 5

Terminal 5
Once again, you will need to stay on the left-side of the area while passing through some arches. After a while, you will notice some vines on the left wall. Simply climb the vines to find the Watcher at the end of the area.

After meeting all the Watchers, you will receive The Watchers trophy. You will also unlock the Alpha Editor Robes for Elvis.


This is where you can find all the Watchers in Miasma Chronicles. If there is anything else that you would like to know, feel free to comment down below!