As you explore the world of Miasma Chronicles, you will come across some lockers that can only be opened with a specific keycode. Almost every map in the game has one such locker, safe, etc. that you will be able to open for loot, provided that you have got the correct keycode. To help you with that, we have provided a complete list of all the keycodes that you can use across different maps in Miasma Chronicles.


Miasma Chronicles Keycodes

Before we begin, please do note that not all the safes, etc. are available from the get-go. There are a few of these which are locked behind certain quests. Therefore, if you are unable to access an area, be sure to complete any available quests before retrying.

With that said, a comprehensive list of all the available Keycodes are provided in the table:

D.R.C 2.4.5
Eden 8.6.7
Gator Zone 2.6.4
Happy Hills 7.2.0
Hydro Generator 4.7.6
Oasis 7.2.3
Skeleton Road 6.5.8
Spendthrift Ruins 5.1.8
The Dying Place 3.1.5
The Editor Archive 6.8.1
The Sky Whale 6.6.6
Widow Mine 1.0.5

These are all the Keycodes in Miasma Chronicles. For more help on the game, check our Watchers Locations guide as well!