Metro Exodus is a big game and takes a while to complete but most of its content revolves around the main story missions. There aren’t many side missions or side quests in Metro Exodus, in fact, there are only five of them in the Volga and the Captain Sea areas, In our Metro Exodus Side Quests and Side Missions guide, we will discuss every step you need to take to complete the handful of side activities available in the game.

Metro Exodus Side Missions/Side Quests

There are five main side missions in Metro Exodus, The following is the list of side quests you will find in the game.

  • Find the Guitar
  • Find the Teddy Bear
  • Plane Cache
  • Find the Night Vision Device
  • Get the Battery Charge Controller

Side Mission #1 – Battery Charge Controller

Once you are done speaking with Duke, the person who reels you in from the waters, you will notice a question mark on the map. Head to the question mark and you will end up in an area with a building with a generator. There is also a house with no access doors as well as a small house with a workbench inside it. You are looking for gas which is right next to the generator building. Interact with the gas to pick it up and fill up the generator. Once the generator has started head inside the building. You will find a puzzle here, complete the puzzle to get the battery charge controller.

Side Mission #2 – Night Vision Device

Make your way to Duke’s observation point and look for the railway. You will find a warehouse next to the railway. Go inside the warehouse and take down the enemies to free the prisoners. Speak with one of the prisoners to get the key for the locked door. The door is near the terminal that controls the railcars.  Unlock the door and head inside to find the night vision device.

Side Mission #3 – Plane Cache

Once again you need to speak with Duke to get this side quest. After he saves you from the dangerous waters listen to what he has to say. At some point, he will reveal the location of an airplane with treasures inside. The aircraft is nearby and will be marked on your map once you are done with your conversation with Duke. Find the plane and loot its cache to complete this side quest in Metro Exodus.

Side Mission #4 – Find the Teddy Bear

Once you come back to the train for the second time you will have a quest on your hands. Once you are done with the mission you will leave the train and meet a little girl named “Nastya” standing on the platform. Speak with the girl to get this side activity. You need to find her lost teddy bear, the location is marked on your map. The teddy in a radioactive location to make sure to have your mask with you. Go during the day to avoid demon encounters. Once you have the item head back to the girl to give her the teddy.

Side Mission #5 – Find the Guitar

This is a pretty basic side quest you will come across in Metro Exodus. Enter the town near the bridge to get this Metro Exodus side mission. Mr.X will radio call you to request the retrieval of a lost guitar. The item is inside a bandit camp. Sneak inside the camp during the night to avoid being spotted. Go up the tower to find the guitar you are looking for.

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