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Metro Exodus Sam’s Story Batwing Guide: Where To Find


In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story, there are three locations in which you will find Batwing. Once you have taken Batwing down, you will get the Untouchable trophy. Note that in order to get the trophy you should not die. In this guide, we are going to walk you through where you can find Batwing and how you can beat it.

Before we get into the encounters, let us tell you about how you are going to survive them. Firstly, use a gun that you are comfortable with. Secondly, you should prepare for this fight. Replenish your health and repair equipment if needed. Thirdly, you should fight Batwing in the day, so that you have better visibility.

Furthermore, play the game on normal difficulty, so that you do not die and can get the trophy. Other than that, you should use incendiary ammo. Now that we have gone over some tips for survival, we can move on to the encounters with Batwing in the game.

Where To Find Batwing in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story

Metro Exodus Batwing

Rail Line

The rail line is where you encounter Batwing for the first time. During this fight, you will be stranded on the platform and must deal enough damage to trigger the cutscene.


The scrapyard is where you will encounter Batwing yet again. When you enter the scrapyard, walk forward and you will trigger this encounter. If you run, you will die. The cars are going to be the major issue in this encounter.


The forest is where you will encounter the Batwing for the last time. The encounter is similar to the first one. You need to deal enough damage to trigger the cutscene and the Batwing will die.

That is everything that you need to know about Batwing in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guides on upgrading the Stallion Pistol and Sammy assault rifle.

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