The war in Ukraine has not only affected thousands of people but video games and popular figures as well. Dmitry Glukhovsky, the writer known for the Metro 2033, is now on the Russian wanted list.

The Kremlin has declared that Dmitry Glukhovsky has spread untrue information regarding the country’s military intervention in Ukrainian territory. This all started when the writer used social media in order to spread awareness regarding the war in Ukraine.

Glukhovsky posted the following on Instagram:

Stop the war! Admit it is a conflict against an entire nation and stop it!

Dmitry Glukhovsky has found himself on the same list as journalists and other personalities that have been accused of spreading “fake news”. If the writer of the Metro series is arrested then he could face a sentence of 15 years if not more.

War is terrible no matter whose side you are on and it affects you even if you are not involved. I am pretty far away from Ukraine but can still feel the effects of the war.

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