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Metal Hellsinger Weapons Guide: How to Unlock, Ultimate Abilities


Metal Helllsinger is a metal beat rythm shooter in which you shoot with a beat and chase high scores on the leather. So for shooting, you choose some weapons that best fit the situation at the time. This guide will explain all the weapons, how to unlock them, and all of their ultimate abilities in Metal: Hellsinger, and their ultimate abilities.

Weapons Range How to UnlockAmmoUltimate Ability Description
Paz (The Pulse Of
The Universe )
Mid-Range Tutorial Infinite Thunder and Hell
(Crystalizes group
of enemies )
Throw burning balls
and you don’t need
to be in combat to
attain fury.
Terminus (The Unknown’s Blade)Short By Default always availableNoneInfernal Solo
(damage and attack speed increases)
It is a sword that cuts down enemies at close range
(Queen Death)
Short-medium Voke Eight Seventh Seal(cause immense multiple damages by firing a blasting round )It is a shotgun that is best at close range.
Medium Yhelm Two Fate( throws a bolt that lures opponents towards it)It is a crossbow, and its arrow bursts into the target
Hellcrow(The Traitor Sovereign)MediumIncaustisNone A Murder Of Crows
(creates a tornado of crows near an enemy)
Crow shape weapon that returns after throwing towards the enemy. Causing damage along its way
The Hounds(Cerberus And Orthrus)Medium-LongStygia TwelveEcho Of Death
(Cast a replica of the player that causes extra damage)
This weapon includes two pistols, thus increasing the fire rate
Detailed Weapon List In Metal: Hellsinger

The images of all the weapons according to the above sequence are also attached below:

  • All weapons List In Metal Hellsinger
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