Incaustis in Metal: Hellsinger is the 4th Hell in the game with an Aspect at the end. Successfully defeating this Aspect will unlock the Rise, Rebel, Resist trophy/achievement. In this Metal: Hellsinger guide, we have detailed some tips to help you defeat the Red Judge Aspect in Incaustis.

Immediately after entering the area, you will notice a small pillar in the middle. Please note that the small pillar in the middle is bait. It does not provide enough protection from gazillion projectiles that the boss hurls at you. Also, there are 2 flamethrower-like mechanisms that must be avoided.

In the initial phase, the boss will continue to hover in the air while hurling a ton of fireballs at you. We recommend that you strafe in one direction to avoid most of them. As you are avoiding them, you should also continue to do some damage to the boss.

During the second phase, the boss will jump onto the pillar for a while before fleeing away. Just like before, you should try to strafe in a single direction to avoid fireballs. After you have done a little damage, the area will get surrounded by enemies. If you need to heal, there are a few Green Crystals in the area that you can use.

Other than that it is a relatively simple encounter that you should not have a lot of issues with.

This is all we have got in how to easily defeat the Red Judge Aspect in Incaustis. You can check out our detailed Metal: Hellsinger guides page for more help on the game.

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