The famous game Metal Gear Solid from the old PS1 days is coming back. This time, it’s showing up on the newest PlayStation systems through something called the Master Collection. The big news is that for the first time, players can earn Trophies while they play, which is something that wasn’t part of the old game. This is a big deal because even though the next games in the series had Trophies in their newer versions, the first game didn’t until now.


The full list of Trophies, is out there for fans to see, but there’s still some mystery around similar lists for the other games in the Master Collection.

Metal Gear 1 & 2 Trophies

Trophy NameTrophy TypeAchievement Description
metal gear DGoldDestroy metal gear D
One of your fansGoldDefeat gray fox
Zanzibar Land big bossGoldDefeat the big boss in metal gear
operation intrude f014 completeGoldComplete metal gear 2
Mg1 & 2 trophy masterPlatinumCollect all trophies
Commence operation intrude n313GoldStart metal gear
TX-55 metal gearGoldDestroy metal gear
outer heaven big bossGoldComplete boss survival in Metal Gear 2
Operation intrude N313 completeGoldComplete metal gear
MG2 boss survivorGoldOperation Intrude N313 complete
cover-to-cover gear 1 & 2SilverRead all the pages in the story compendium
MG1 boss survivorGoldComplete boss survival in metal gear
commence operation intrude F014GoldStart metal gear 2

Metal Gear Solid 1 Trophies

Trophy NameTrophy TypeDescription
Commencing MissionBronzeBegin a new game
Vs. Revolver OcelotBronzeDefeat Revolver Ocelot
Vs. M1 TankBronzeDefeat the M1 tank
Vs. NinjaBronzeDefeat Ninja
Vs. Vulcan RavenGoldDefeat Vulcan Raven
Vs. Metal Gear REXGoldDefeat Metal Gear REX
Vs. Liquid SnakeGoldDefeat Liquid Snake
Begin VR TrainingBronzeComplete a VR training mission
Vs. Psycho MantisBronzeDefeat Psycho Mantis
Vs. Sniper WolfSilverDefeat Sniper Wolf
Vs. Hind DSilverDefeat Hind D
Vs Sniper Wolf RematchGoldPrevail in the rematch against Sniper Wolf
Cover-to-Cover SolidSilverRead all the pages in the story compendium
Bandana AcquiredGoldObtain the bandana
Stealth Camo AcquiredGoldObtain the stealth camo
Elite CodenameGoldObtain the FOX or Big Boss codename

Metal Gear Solid 2 Trophies

Trophy NameTrophy TypeDescription
Party’s OverBronzeDefeat Fatman
Thanks, AmesBronzeLearn the location of the president
No-Fly ZoneBronzeDestroy the AV-88 Harrier II
Bohemian CandidateBronzeMeet President James Johnson
Lights OutBronzeDefeat Olga Gurlukovich
Spaghetti CinemaBronzeMeet Revolver Ocelot
Bomb SquadBronzeLearn how to defuse C4 bombs from Peter Stillman
Lady LuckBronzeSurvive Fortune’s attack
Vampire SlayerBronzeDefeat Vamp
I Think You Need a Hug, EBronzeFind Emma Emmerich
Sharing Is CaringBronzeBefriend Olga Gurlukovich
No Ray, JoséBronzeDefeat Metal Gear RAY
Another Snake Bites the DustBronzeDefeat Solidus Snake
A Cut AboveBronzeBeat the Tanker and Plant chapters on any difficulty
Hurt LockerBronzePut an enemy in a locker
To Catch a PredatorBronzeLure a guard with a girlie magazine
Animal ControlBronzeCollect a dog tag
Bye Bye Big BrotherBronzeDestroy 5 cameras
Down in SmokeBronzeDisorient an enemy with a cloud of smoke from a fire extinguisher
Silence is GoldenBronzeShoot an enemy radio
Caution: HotBronzeDown an enemy with steam from a pipe
Kissing BoothBronzeKiss a poster in a locker
Snake BeaterBronzeGet caught by Otacon stimulating yourself
Who Ya Gonna Call?BronzeTake a clear photograph of the ghost image in Hold No. 2
Love HurtsBronzeWatch Rose kill Raiden on a rooftop
Hold Up-aholicBronzeHold up 30 enemies
Don’t Taze Me, BroBronzeTranquilize 100 enemies
Nothing PersonalBronzeBreak the neck of 30 enemies
SextingBronzeSend Otacon a picture of the marine with no pants
My Rations…BronzeFind a sea louse in your rations
Johnny on the SpotBronzeHear Johnny’s bowel noises in two locations
Vamp EyerBronzeCatch a glimpse of Vamp standing in the streets of New York during the end cinematic
Weapon Completionist: PlantSilverCollect every type of weapon in the Plant
Moving DaySilverCollect all boxes
Casting TheaterBronzeWatch something in the Casting Theater
No Boss of MineBronzeComplete Boss Survival
Rent MoneyBronzeBeat 30 enemies unconscious
Steel GripBronzeAttain grip level 3
Photo FinishBronzeAcquire the digital camera
Weapon Completionist: TankerSilverCollect every type of weapon on the Tanker
Tell Me a TaleBronzeComplete all Snake Tales
Piece of CakeBronzeComplete a VR or Alternative mission
In It To Win ItSilverPlace first in 50 different VR/Alternative missions
YorkieSilverGet the bandana
PoodleSilverGet the Tanker stealth suit
Infinity WigSilverObtain the Infinity Wig
Shiba InuSilverGet the Plant stealth suit
Pacifist RunSilverClear the game without killing anyone

MGS3 Trophies

Trophy NameTrophy TypeAchievement Description
Young GunBronzeSubmit Ocelot
Pain ReliefBronzeDefeat The Pain
If It Bleeds, We Can Kill ItBronzeDefeat The Fear
The EndBronzeDefeat The End
The PatriotBronzeDefeat The Boss
Like A BossBronzeFinish the game on any difficulty
Mama SaidBronzeCQC slam a guard and knock him out
Tell Me Where The Bomb IsBronzeCQC interrogate an enemy
Houston, We Had A ProblemBronzeDefeat The Fury
River Of PainBronzeDefeat The Sorrow
GroundedBronzeDefeat Volgin in a fist fight
ShagadelicBronzeDefeat Shagohod
Snake EaterBronzeEat a snake of any type
A Good Man Is Hard To FindBronzeAchieve a camouflage index of 100%
Snake BitBronzePoison a guard
Like He Just Doesn’t CareBronzeCQC hold up an enemy
Close ShaveBronzeCQC slit an enemy’s throat
Don’t Touch The SlidesBronzeUse a knife to remove the bullet
Can I Keep It?BronzeCapture any animal alive
Serenity NowBronzeCall one healing radio frequency
Tune-In TokyoBronzeCall every healing radio frequency
BeekeeperBronzeUse bees to harass an enemy
Just BecauseBronzeBlow up a munitions shed with TNT
Mostly DeadBronzeUse fake death pill
You Snooze, You LoseBronzeSneak up on The End and hold him up
Prince CharmingBronzeShoot a kerotan for the first time
Ralph CalledBronzeMake Snake throw up
Snake EyesBronzeDiscover all first person views that are indicated by the button icon
Just What The Doctor OrderedBronzeCollect every type of medical plant
Everything Is In SeasonBronzeCollect every type of food
It Ain’t Easy Being GreenSilverFind all Kerotans
Problems Solved, Series OverBronzeCreate the Ocelot Time paradox
Believe It Or NotSilverCatch a Tsuchinoko (mythical serpent)
The Early EndSilverKill The End before The Boss battle
The Cat’s Out Of The BagBronzeCatch a glimpse of Ocelot, who’s seen behind the president when he tries to shake Snake’s hand
Fungus Among UsBronzeCollect every type of mushroom
A Bird In The Hand..BronzeCollect every type of bird
CharmerBronzeCollect every type of snake
Tall TaleBronzeCollect every type of fish
Them’s Good Eatin’BronzeCollect every type of frog
Weapon CollectorBronzeCollect every type of weapon
FashionistaSilverCollect every type of Camouflage
Only Skin DeepSilverFind every type of face paint
King Of The JungleSilverObtain title of markhor
Stealth CamoSilverObtain the stealth camo
Infinity Face PaintSilverObtain the infinity face paint
Peace WalkerSilverFinish game without killing anyone.

This is all you need to know about Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Trophy List.

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