Meet Your Maker is an exciting asynchronous build-and-raid game that allows players to construct their own base, complete with deadly traps, to protect their valuable resources. Players can also raid others’ bases to steal resources. In this guide, we’ll cover the essentials of base building in Meet Your Maker and provide helpful tips to enhance your gameplay experience.

Meet Your Maker Base Building

Choosing a Burial Site

When selecting a Burial Site for your base, consider the type and amount of resources available, as well as the site’s capacity. Resources include Hardware, Guards, Weapons, Traps, and Suits. The site’s capacity dictates how much building material, such as walls and traps, can be constructed. Remember that the price of a site is linked to its capacity size.

Assess Your Site

After purchasing a site, inspect its layout and features. In build mode, navigate the site to identify its state of ruin, Genetic Material (GenMat) location, and bridge of blocks for your Harvester. You can choose to clear out existing blocks or use them in your design, but note that they consume some of your site’s capacity.

Building Your Base

Begin constructing your base by creating a chamber around the GenMat, ensuring the Harvester can access it. Use the Harvester Path view option to guide your base design. Keep in mind that raiders can enter from any side and have grappling capabilities, so minimize entry points and fortify your base accordingly.

Strategic Trap Placement

Incorporate traps in hard-to-reach or inconspicuous locations that can still be triggered by raiders. Remember that traps can be upgraded, such as with the Second Wave upgrade, which makes them visible only after the raider acquires the GenMat. This adds an extra layer of difficulty for raiders attempting to escape.

Utilizing Guards

Station guards in strategic locations throughout your base. Guards will become aggressive and chase raiders once they are detected, so place them carefully for maximum effectiveness.

Base Aesthetics & Capacity

Once the main path and traps are set, enhance the exterior appearance of your base with additional blocks, decals, and props, while staying within your site capacity limits.

Testing Your Base

Test your base as a raider to identify any weaknesses or areas for improvement. Invite friends to test your base for additional feedback.

Activating Your Base

Choose from three activation types: Active, Overdrive, or Social. Active and Overdrive allow your base to be raided by other players, with the potential to earn progression and lose resources. Social limits raiding to your Social Raid list, without resource gains or losses.

That’s everything you need to know about Meet Your Maker Base Building. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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