Daub is an essential resource in the game Medieval Dynasty, used primarily for upgrading your house from a simple wooden structure to a more robust, weather-resistant home. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining daub, using it to upgrade your house, and sharing some tips to optimize your daub production.

Daub is a mixture of clay, straw, and water, historically used as a building material for constructing walls. In Medieval Dynasty, daub is vital for upgrading your wooden house to a sturdier, weather-resistant structure.

How to Get Daub in Medieval Dynasty

To craft daub, you need to gather two primary resources: straw (10x) and clay (10x). Straw can be obtained by harvesting cereal crops such as rye, wheat, and oat, while clay can be collected from clay deposits found near rivers and lakes.

To craft daub, you’ll need a barn and a crafting station. Open the crafting wheel and select daub. Combine straw and clay in the required proportions, and the daub will be added to your inventory.

Where to Get Daub Blueprint

Once you’ve accumulated ten farming technology points, you can buy the daub blueprint for 50 coins. Don’t worry if you don’t have a barn yet! You can also buy daub from various merchants throughout the valley.

How to Upgrade House Walls

To upgrade your house walls, approach a wooden wall with daub in your inventory. Enter the house upgrading menu and select the daub wall option. Apply the daub to the wooden walls, and watch as the appearance of your house changes to a more solid, weather-resistant structure. Repeat this process for all walls and complete the upgrade.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get and use Daub to upgrade houses in Medieval Dynasty. There is a lot more to read so we recommend checking out our guide on Animal Locations, How to Make Flax Stalk.

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