Gold is the primary currency in the game Medieval Dynasty, allowing you to purchase resources, tools, and various items essential for your settlement’s growth. This detailed guide will cover various gold farming techniques, helping you amass wealth and prosper in the game.

Gold is the primary currency in Medieval Dynasty, necessary for buying resources, tools, and items from merchants. Accumulating gold is crucial for advancing your settlement and maintaining a thriving community.

Medieval Dynasty Gold Farming Methods

  • Trading and Selling Goods
  • Hunting and Gathering
  • Farming and Animal Husbandry
  • Taxes and Resource Management
  • Spam Stone Axe
  • Sell Throwing Stones

Trading and Selling Goods

Crafting and selling valuable items to merchants is a reliable way to earn gold. Craft high-quality tools, clothing, and other items using your resources and trade them for gold, while also maximizing your profits by selling items at the best prices.

Hunting and Gathering

Hunt animals for their valuable resources such as meat, leather, and furs, which can be sold or used for crafting. Gather resources like herbs and berries to sell or use in crafting valuable consumables.

Farming and Animal Husbandry

Cultivate crops and raise livestock to generate a steady income. Sell excess produce and animal products like wool, milk, and eggs to merchants for gold. Select profitable crops and animals to maximize your earnings.

Taxes and Resource Management

Understand the tax system in Medieval Dynasty to balance your income and expenses. Manage your resources wisely, ensuring you have enough gold to cover your taxes and expenses, while also investing in your settlement’s growth.

Spam Stone Axe

To farm gold early in the game, focus on crafting numerous Stone Axes, as the necessary materials (rocks and sticks) are readily available in the environment. Crafting Stone Axes will boost your technology and skill points. To further increase your gold, sell any surplus tools you don’t need to carry.

Sell Throwing Rocks

Once you have access to a Workshop building, crafting Throwing Rocks is an easy method to earn coins. Throwing Rocks are made in sets of five from one rock, and each sells for two coins, resulting in a total of 10 coins per rock. Keep in mind that Throwing Rocks can be quite heavy, and carrying too many may overburden you.

And that ends our guide on the best gold farming methods in Medieval Dynasty. We have a lot more for you to read on Medieval Dynasty, including How to Get Daub, How to Make Flax Stalk, and Wooden Logs Guides.

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