Medieval Dynasty Food Guide: How To Hunt And Farm For Food, Seasonal Food

Medieval Dynasty Food

Getting resources in Medieval Dynasty is not an easy job and food is one of the resources that you are going to need in order to stay alive and progress the game. In this Medieval Dynasty Food guide, we are going to go over how you can hunt and farm food.

How To Hunt And Farm Food In Medieval Dynasty Food

The following are the different methods that you can use to get food in Medieval Dynasty:

Hunt For Rabbits With Spears Or Traps

Before we head into the how-to section. You should craft the skinning knife and you should have the spear as well. You are also going to need bunny traps so that you can trap them and then get food from them.

You can lay down the traps in order to have bunnies walk into them or you can use the spear and throw them at the rabbits in order to kill them. You can then harvest the meat and get your spear back in the process as well.

Once you have the meat, you can cook it over a campfire and then consume it in order to satisfy your hunger.

Cooking rabbit is going to give you 6% health per rabbit so you really cannot live off rabbit meat forever.

Other Animals You Can Hunt

Other than rabbits, there are other animals that you can hunt in order to get meat. These include dear, birds, and buffalos. You can set traps for birds but you will need to use your weapons in order to hunt down deer and buffalos.

Note that if you are in the early part of the game then you will need to be accurate with your wooden spear throws as missing the mark or hitting the body is not going to kill the dear in a single hit.

Once you have the meat you can cook it at the campfire and you can even craft a cooking recipe in order to get even higher HP or hunger satisfaction.

Go Fishing

Other than the rabbit, you can also go fishing in the early portion of the game. What you need to do is head into the technology tab and then select the small fishing net option. Once you have got that you can head over to a body of water and set fishing traps and wait for fish to be trapped in them.

Once you have the meat you can cook it at the campfire and you can even craft a cooking recipe in order to get even higher HP or hunger satisfaction.


If you are not having any luck hunting then you can go for a vegetarian approach. You can gather food in the wild as well. You can pick up things such as apples and mushrooms which you can eat raw to satisfy your hunger or increase your HP.


Another interesting way of producing your own food is by farming. In the building menu, you can build a field. Once you have your fields in place you can get a hoe and then plow your fields.

You can then proceed to buy seeds and then planting them. You can get seeds for different kinds of foods such as onions and carrots from a seller. You are also going to need a bag in order to carry the seeds. Once you are at your field you need to change the bag mode and you will be able to sow your seeds.

You will then need water and a watering tank. Water your field in order to grow it. You also have the option to get fertilizer from cow poop.

Your crop is going to grow according to the seasons and a season lasts 3 days. So this is a time-consuming process and you cannot rely on it if you want instant food.

Seasonal Food

Seasonal food are the edible item that are found in specific seasons that the player can either eat or sell to make money. The following are the Medieval Dynasty seasonal foods categorized by seasons.

Morels can be found in Spring. Players can eat Morels for a quick-fix or sell them for money. Also, unripe berries can be found in Spring. However, don’t eat them as they are poisonous. Furthermore, only sell them if you are in a desperate need of coins, otherwise, don’t touch them till summer.

Berries that you leave untouched in Spring will now be ripe in Summer. Pick them up and eat them for hunger and thirst. However, these berries don’t provide much.

Players will find Mushrooms in Fall, however, some of them are poisonous so pay close attention to details in your inventory. Also, by Fall season players would have hunted and cooked food that they won’t need to eat Mushrooms. In that case, just sell them for coins.

There are no Medieval Dynasty seasonal foods to be found in the Winter. The only food source in this season is hunting or just go to a tavern and pay for food.

This is how you can hunt and farm food in Medieval Dynasty. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can find straw.

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