In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, crime is an ever-present element, adding a layer of realism and urgency to the game. Whether you’re a completionist seeking to engage in every aspect the game has to offer, or you’re just looking to gain some extra experience points, knowing how to spawn crimes can significantly enhance your gaming experience. This guide delves into how to spawn crimes in Marvel’s Spider Man 2, ensuring you’re never short of action.


Firstly, it’s crucial for players to understand what they’re looking for. Crimes in Spider-Man 2 are indicated by a red triangle accompanied by an exclamation point. This symbol is a clear alert for players amidst the numerous activities and distractions within the game.

Every Know Method To Spawn Crimes In Marvel’s Spider Man 2

While the bustling streets of New York in Spider-Man 2 are rife with criminal activity, there might be moments when things seem a bit quiet. Here’s how you can stir up some trouble:

  1. Use Spidey Senses:
    • Simply traverse across New York, actively using the right joystick (clicking the R3 button). This action enhances Spider-Man’s map awareness, allowing him to detect far-off events, including photo opportunities, collectibles, and various side quests.
    • This method doesn’t immediately guarantee a crime will happen, but it increases your chances of stumbling upon one.
  2. Fast Travel:
    • If swinging around doesn’t yield quick results, you can opt to fast travel to different locations within the game.
    • Upon re-arrival, it usually takes only a few moments before a crime is committed in your vicinity. These could be crimes you’ve previously resolved or new ones, especially if you’ve just entered a new district.

Crime in Spider-Man 2 is pervasive. Whether you’re en route to a mission, swinging around for the sheer thrill of it, or hunting for collectibles like Marko’s Memories, criminal activities are never far off.