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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Wolverine Challenge Guide


Marvel’s Midnight Suns has become the talk in every gaming community right now, and its top-of-class gameplay is no surprise considering its creators, Firaxis Games. The Wolverine Challenge has been all over Marvel’s Midnight Suns community because of its difficulty. The main concern with Wolverine is the friendship level. It must reach level 5 before any heroic ability unlocks. So, grab onto those chocolate gifts and fishing trips to hook this character.

This challenge comes with rewards such as the black and gold suit and a Midnight Special ability. However, getting it is the central riddle to solve, so read on and follow the steps below to get it.

How To Complete Wolverine Challenge

Logan is one hell of an offensive player. You’ll start with our attack moves in the beginning. These are Lethal Pounce, Stink of Fear, Powerful Slash, Chain Swipes, and Eviscerate. So, use them tactically when you start.

As you begin, four enemies will be around you (2 in the front and 2 in the back). So, let’s start by assigning a number to each of them so it’s easy for you to understand this guide. From the top left, start by calling him 1 and move clockwise to name the others 2, 3, and 4. Start with a “Lethal Pounce” on enemy 1, which will damage the opponent and strengthen Wolverine. Then, go for a Gain Swipe, focusing on enemy 2 more than 1, this time by attacking him twice and the other once.

Now that you have a strong hold on your position go ahead with a Powerful Slash on enemies 3 and 4. Once that is thrown, go for a Stink of fear and tease the enemies with this.

This tactic, where you are attacking and teasing the enemy, will trigger them a lot and cause them to be vulnerable too. This is the perfect time to release the “Let’s Do This” to eliminate enemies 3 and 4. After this, use the “Eviscerate” on enemies 1 and 2 to land a devastating blow, and then end it all by releasing the Midnight Special Card.

That is all for ur Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide with tips on how to complete the Wolverine Challenge. For more on the game, also see Hunter Hero Challenge Guide and Iron Man Challenge Guide.

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