Marvel’s Midnight Suns is equipped with easy and complex challenges that make the game all the more interesting. Among such challenges is the Spider-Man Challenge, which many players struggle to complete. Here is how to complete the Spider-Man Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

How To Complete Spider-Man Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

If you’re a regular Spider-Man player, this challenge will be a tad bit easy because you’re already familiar with the moves and attacks. If not, it’s okay because we’ll guide you through the Spider-Man Challenge and how to complete it.

Upon the completion of the Spider-Man Challenge, players are rewarded with Spider-Man’s ultimate legendary ability and armor set. To get started with the challenge, first, you’ll have to use the “Opportunist” card to receive the two moves to proceed. However, they’ll cost 0 heroism. Use the card first, even though you’ve got only two since it’s essential at this point in the challenge.

With only one card left, you must focus on movement. In your first move, get opposite the “main,” i.e, the stronger enemy. When you’ve positioned Spider-Man correctly, you’ll notice a green line guiding you to where you’ll need to kick the obstacle. Line it up as you see it and kick at the flame-haired enemy.

Instantly, this move will damage the primary target and the enemy behind. After that, you’re again required not to touch your cards and move behind the obstacle closest to the flame-haired enemy. Again, line up your aim according to the green line to line up to the target. However, this move is awkward this time because you will be very close to the edge of the arena.

However, do not worry; you’ll definitely be able to execute it. Like the last time, aim your kick and attack the main enemy. Now, you’re down to zero moves, one cared and still two enemies to defeat. You’ll have to use the “Special Delivery” to target your weaker enemy from behind the two. This time uses a forceful knockback toward Spider-Man to kill the weak foe and damage the tank-like enemy.

You’ll get the last move as you get the KO on the weaker enemy. Now you’re left with the move from the last action. Move behind the last coffin-like object and position yourself correctly by utilizing the green line again to perform the following action.

There is still a little left to complete the Spider-Man Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Now, use the heroism that is left and kick the coffin into the enemy. You’ll receive the “Infernal Spider” card. If you need to use it, use the remaining cards in this particular order to complete the Spider-Man Challenge: Up Here! > Chain Strike > Chain Strike. And that marks the end of the Spider-Man Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

We made sure our guide to completing the Spider-Man Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns was easy and brief enough for you to understand and follow. For more on the game, see Journal Of Hiram Shaw Locations and Tarot Card Locations.

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