Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a role-playing tactical video game filled with exciting sequences and challenges. All these are scattered throughout the game, from multiple mysteries found in the ground of the Abbey to tactical combat missions. Doing side challenges like optional hero challenges might open if you reach the highest level of friendship with each superhero. If you can do that, you’ll unlock the First challenge for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the Hunter Hero Challenge, a custom-made protagonist.

Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 01:50 am

The Hunter Hero Challenge

The Hunter Hero challenge is a puzzle-type challenge with a specific trick for an individual hero. The first reward or gift for winning the challenge is Midnight Suns-themed clothing and Bladestorm (a highly powerful ability). The Hunter Hero challenge is extremely difficult and requires pro skills and a very specific restrictive trick to pass it.

The main goal for this challenge is to defeat four enemies known as ‘Whisper Of Memory’ and destroy the red crystal that holds the Bladestorm ability as you enter the arena with four charged cards, also known as the ‘Forceful Knockback’ ability. This ability does no damage to the enemy. However, it bounces your enemy off a wall or any other object to deal some damage.

Since you might not get any movement points, you can move the Hunter around instead of that. First, charge towards your enemy from the left and knock it out from ‘north’ opposite the red crystal and near the wall. This way, the enemy won’t get killed just as predicted. After that, charge the enemy far from you towards the wall behind it and finish it with a charge card.

You will now target the first enemy to knock it back towards the pillar so that his direction is straight from the 3rd enemy. This will not kill it. However, if you target the third enemy carrying a Whip card that allows you to knock it off in any direction, smack this dude towards the wall with a charge card to finish it off so you can get the Whip.

After killing all enemies with your skill, you are left with only one slinging enemy. Target and knock the enemy by charging it with a charge card, so it stays right in front of the red crystal. Once you use Whip, push him towards the crystal to break it and collect Bladestorm. In the end, a new rare crystal will appear, which you will target with Bladestorm. As you do so, the challenge is completed, and you will be awarded.

That is all for our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide with tips on how to complete the Hunter Hero Challenge. For more on the game, also see Iron Man Challenge Guide and Standing Stones Puzzle Guide.

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