When it comes to combat, Cards play an important role in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. These basically let different heroes use various kinds of abilities. These abilities can be enhanced by upgrading Cards that requires Essences. There are a couple of different methods of acquiring these Essences in the game. In this Midnight Suns guide, you’ll learn everything there is about different types of Essences to upgrade your Cards.

As mentioned earlier, you need to use Essences in order to upgrade different types of Cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. These are:

  • Attack Essences are used to upgrade Attack Cards
  • Skill Essences are used to upgrade Skill Cards
  • Heroic Essences are used to upgrade Heroic Cards

Acquiring these Essences is fairly simple. Some of these can be earned by simply doing missions, completing Hero Challenges, etc. Other than that, you’ll need to head over to The Forge and research them using various Artifacts that you’ll collect as you progress through the story. Lastly, you can also get these Essences from the Colored Orbs that can be found on the Abbey.

  • Attack Essences are from Purple Orbs.
  • Skill Essences are from Green Orbs.
  • Heroic Essences are from Orange Orbs.

Once you’ve acquired these Essences, you’ll be able to upgrade different Cards by heading over to The Yard.

This is how you can get Essences in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our detailed Midnight Suns wiki page.

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