Marvel’s Midnight Suns is rising in popularity, and it is no surprise that challenges are getting harder to beat. Recently, people have been discussing the Iron Man Challenge, sharing their experience with its difficulty level. So, we’ve jumped the train and have decided to break it down and simplify it for you in this guide. It is safe to say that the Iron Man Challenge is one of the hardest missions in the game. This is because it deprives you of freedom of movement and gives you a net total of one redraw, a bunch of cards, and a crystal with a massive health pool.

The Iron Man Challenge

Conventional ways will not let you complete the Iron Man Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns; this is why we’ve broken it down into a step-by-step guide that is easy for you to follow.

Start with a “Heads Up” card which will give you a jumpstart of 2 heroism you need for future usage. Then, remove a “New Plan” card immediately, and go for “Precision” to avoid getting your card discarded in the next move.

Now, once again, to gain 2 heroism, deploy the “Leave it to me”. This will also let you draw two more cards then. Now, grab the opportunity and use the “Leave it to me” one more time to increase your heroism and card draw.

Now that you are set and ready to deploy cards, start with a “Surgical Strike” to attack the crystal 8 times. Once that’s done, go for a “Heads Up” again and gain 2 heroism with this.

After that, use the “Surgical Strike” card with three consecutive “Blast” cards back to back to cause the crystal immense damage quickly and efficiently. Then, as a finishing touch, release the “Hellfire Beam” card and cause mayhem with this new card you’ve unlocked. Now, with the Hellfire Beam in your hand, you can easily land heavy damage on enemies in a line. Besides, you’ll be able to redraw it with +5 damage each time.

That is all for our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide with tips on how to complete the Iron Man Challenge. For more on the game, see Standing Stones Puzzle Guide and Elemental Rods Locations Guide.

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