The Road Back is the second mission in Marvel’s Avengers. Kamala Khan makes her way back to the Helicarrier after getting her superpowers. She heads to Utah where she tries to find the resistance. All levels in Marvel’s Avengers comes with multiple collectibles. In this guide, we will solely focus on Collectibles found in The Road Back mission of Marvel’s Avengers.

Comic Books and Intelligence is usually found out in the open but often you will come across some chests that might feature collectibles, although chests usually offer gear and other resources. Chests are completely random so there is no set type of items that pop up out of them in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers The Road Back Collectibles – All Comic Books and Intelligence

The Road Block mission takes Kamala Khan to the Chimera helicarrier in search of the resistance. There she will find comic books and intelligence at different locations aboard the helicarrier.

Collectible #1

Go through the canyon to eventually reach the bunker. Enter the bunker and you will see The Avengers Disband Intelligence to the right side of the room. It is inside a small cabinet on the wall under the switch box.

Collectible #2

Go out of the bunker and follow the wall to the right. Locate a metal box along the canyon wall. Inside the box, you will find the second Intelligence.

Collectible #3

As you progress The Road Back mission you will find the Chimera. Go inside the Chimera and you will see a chest inside it. Open the chest to find your first comic book for this mission.

Collectible #4

At the same Chimera location, go to the end of the hall and you will find an Intelligence behind a chest.

Collectible #5

Reach the Chimera bridge and go to the very front of it. Go past the map and the sleeping cots, an Intelligence is sitting by the windows.

Collectibles #6

Stay on the bridge, go all the way to the horseshoe shape. Reach the top of the scaffolding to find your next Intelligence.

Collectible #7

After you come across Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, you will get access to the deeper sections of the Chimera. Smash the first wall and reach the breakable wall tooltip. Go up the small set of stairs and at the top is another Intelligence.

Collectible #8

From the Chimera entrance head to the left wall of the hanger. Look for a toolbox near the quinjet where another Intelligence is waiting for you.

These were all of the collectibles from The Road Back main mission of Marvel’s Avengers. If you need more help with the game check out the Avengers Wiki.

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