One of the early missions in Marvel’s Avengers is the New Normal. In this mission, you will find a handful of collectibles. Just like I Want to Be An Avenger and The Road Back missions, the New Normal has its own unique set of collectibles. In this guide, we will share all the collectibles locations in the New Normal main mission of Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers New Normal Collectibles – All Comic Books and Intelligence

All levels of Marvel’s Avengers feature multiple collectibles locations and the New Normal mission is no different. Comic Books and Intelligence is usually found out in the open but sometimes you might come across chests that contain collectibles. You can find collect all Comic Books and Intelligence by following the instructions below.

Collectible #1

Go to Kamala’s secret base and use the Zipline to cross the roofs. You will soon reach the second Zipline near the holographic billboard. Use the zipline to reach the next rooftop. Locate the box there that has a comic book inside.

Collectible #2

Keep going until you reach Kamala Khan’s HQ in the water tower. Go in and find the comic sitting on the table to the left.

Collectible #3

Pull the cart and reach the second floor of the HQ. An Intelligence report is sitting on the desk on the second floor.

Collectible #4

Go right from where you went up to the second floor. Look for an Intelligence on a box near the bean bag.

Collectible #5

After the HQ section, Kamala will be back on the rooftops. Go past the AIM robots and swing on a bar to reach a roof. Keep going forward and look for an opening on the left side and jump to the next building. Backtrack a bit and you will find an Intelligence the corner.

Collectible #6

Move toward the park and walk along the left to jump onto another rooftop overlooking the Heroes Park. Look on a stack of pallets for your next Intelligence collectible.

Collectible #7

As you enter the sewers after the park section, keep going and avoid the AIM robots. You will soon come across a ladder in a tunnel. Go past the ladder to reach the very end of the tunnel for your next Intelligence.

These are all the collectibles available in Marvel’s Avengers New Normal mission. If you need more help with the game check out the Avengers Wiki.

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