Marvel’s Avengers game not only features our favorite lineup of Avengers but also some other interesting characters. Among the character is Kamala Khan, a new Superhero who aims to bring back the Avengers and help them clear their name after the events of A-Day. Kamala is a huge fan of the Avengers and according to Crystal Dynamics, she is the perfect character to usher us into this new Avengers world. She is watching the whole situation with the Avengers through a fan’s perspective.

“We are ourselves fans, right? And watching that world through that lens is very interesting. Particularly in this story, and in the Phil Sheldon relationship you see that perspective, says writer Shaun Escayg,” while hinting at the inclusion of Earth 616‘s photojournalist from the 1990s limited-run comic series.

Perhaps he will join Kamala as she investigates how the superhero team is framed for the disaster of the A-Day disaster?

You have the perspective of the fan. ‘These guys can do no wrong’ And then you see the story of the skeptic. ‘Well, I don’t know, I don’t know. Are they heroes? I don’t if they’re heroes. I wouldn’t call them heroes. They’re destroying everything around us.’ So you have those sorts of conflicts.

The comics Philip Sheldon had a love-hate relationship with the mutants, Avengers, and the Fantastic Four. He grew up loving superheroes but later became a skeptic. Sheldon could possibly be the “other” perspective that balances with Kalama’s view of the situation.  His inclusion will mean some steamy hit pieces coming out of the Daily Bugle.

Marvel’s Avengers game is releasing sometime in September for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and possibly next-generation consoles. The game was supposed to release in April of this year but it got pushed into 2020.

Source: Extracted from PlayStation Magazine Feb. 2020 Edition

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