Marvel’s Avengers Fails To Provide The Superhero Experience I Wanted

Marvel’s Avengers beta has been out for a while and that has given me an idea regarding what the final game is going to be like. This is a “beta” and somethings are going to work better in the final game but it is safe to say that the general look, feel and the mechanics of the game are going to remain the same. With Marvel’s Avengers coming out in a few weeks, there is not a whole lot that the developer can change in such a short amount of time. So what did I think about the game? Here goes.

Red Flags From The Very Start

I should start off by saying that when this game was announced, I was not all that interested even though I am a huge Marvel fan and actually traveled from one city to another in order to watch End Game in IMax. The thing that put me off was the characters and how they did not look like the actors in the movies. I get how casting the movie actors would be really expensive but I just hoped that the Avengers would look much better.

Crystal Dynamics is known for making the amazing Tomb Raider series and I love what the guys have been able to pull off with their game engine over the years. While Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the latest game in the series I enjoyed the first two more than the last one.

With that said, I was interested in checking out what the devs were doing with Marvel’s Avengers and what kind of game it was going to be until they dropped the bomb that this is going to be a live service game.

As an active Destiny 2 player and someone that hops into The Division 2 from time to time, I did not know if I was willing to invest the time and the effort into yet another live service game. Playing multiple live service games is not really all that feasible when you have work and family to take care of.

I would have liked Marvel’s Avengers to be a single-player experience just like what Insomniac did with Spider-man and oh boy is that a tough act to follow and something that I am going to go over here.

With the beta out, it was worth giving the game a shot to find out what Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix had in mind for the game and it seems that Marvel’s Avengers is trying to do too much at the same time in order to impress all kinds of audiences.

Looter Shooter Vs Single-Player Experience

Majorly people are either looking for an expansive single-player experience with memorable characters and missions there are those that are interested in playing with their friends. Marvel’s Avengers offers both of that but none of those seem to be great. Add on top of that a complicated loot system and different kinds of currencies and crafting materials and things get pretty messy pretty quick.

Jumping into the beta you get the first mission with the bridge and you have a chance to step inside the shoes of each of the Avengers. It is a nice way of being introduced to the characters in the game but if you are Marvel fan then chances are that you already know plenty about these characters already and you will try to get used to the new faces and the voices of each of the characters.

As you progress through the game, you can choose the character that you want to play and this can be seen as the introduction to the multiplayer. If you pick to be Ironman then the other characters don’t seem to do all that much and are just there in the background. There are three missions in the single-player campaign that you can experience in the beta and once you have completed them you get access to the multiplayer missions.

You cannot have duplicate characters so be prepared to have some awkward moments with your team. Speaking of awkward moments, if you want to communicate with your team then you are going to need a headset. There is no other way of communication.

The game does not have a minimap or an indicator that shows where members of your team are. There is no ping system either so you can easily lose a player behind that is not in the voice chat. This is something that you will experience when playing with random people.

Things Get Repetitive Really Fast

When playing the multiplayer missions you need to take out a bunch of bad guys while completing different objectives such as standing on a control point. This can get repetitive very fast but you can change characters as many times as you want so that does make things a bit more interested.

Every character has different skills and they dodge in different ways so there is a certain degree of variety when it comes to gameplay. But at the end of it, all the objectives are still the same.

You can pick Black Widows for a more close-range play style or you can switch to Iron Man if that is what you want to do or you want to take a more ranged approach. Note that the characters need to be leveled up separately so if you do switch your character and the character level is not as high then you will need to decrease the difficulty setting or do easier missions.

In the multiplayer mode, you are expected to take on the different warzones in order to get rewarding loot but I have yet to get a piece of gear that I care about. The gear has no effect on the look of the character and is invisible when actually playing the game.

What it does is increase your power level and provide elemental buffs. There is a button that equips the best pieces for you so that you do not have to inspect each and every piece of loot that you have found. This also kind of goes to show how important loot is in the game. The looting system is not ideal and is far from the best keeping in mind what we have in games such as Division 2 and Destiny 2.

Cannot Be Compared To Insomniac’s Spider-Man

While the game looks impressive and it is clear that a lot of effort has gone into making the game, the gameplay is not as fluid as Insomniac’s Spider-Man. The button prompts and cutscenes can at times break the experience of the game. Many of the moves in the game are repetitive and when you are up against enemies, they do not respond to your as you expect them to.

Take the encounter with Task Master for example. When you are damaging him with Natasha, he does not react much most of the time. He stands there and keeps taking those hits. The AI for the enemies needs to be improved.

The “superhero experience” is not ideal either. When playing Thor you expect to get the same satisfaction as throwing the leviathan axe in God of War but that is not the case. While the combat and gameplay are not really bad, they are not ideal and still need some polish to put things lightly.

The Live Service Motto: Wait For Content

Most live service games do not launch with a lot of content and it is the promise that more content will be added as time passes. This is what was promised with Anthem as well and we know that things did not go as promised. Destiny 2 also had an end-game content issue when the game came out. Players did not have much to do after a month of release.

Marvel’s Avengers seems very similar to Anthem in regards to the content and that I am confident that there is not going to be enough of it at launch and the devs will ask the players to wait for more interesting things as this is a liver service game.

With games like Sea of Thieves and Destiny 2 already out there and successful, why would someone want to invest money into a new game and have to wait for more content to come out? That is a question worth asking.

All Is Not Lost

From the state of the game, it seems that Marvel’s Avengers has a long way to go. I cannot recommend this game to fans in its current state but a lot can change from now until the release of the game. Plus this is a live service game so more content will be added with the passage of time.

Other than that, there are some cool things as well. The story of the single-player experience is pretty good. At least from what I have seen. The beta is only a small taste of that and there is plenty of more content to explore and experience when the full version comes out.

The intro mission is very nice and has some cool bits even though most to it is scripted. It is safe to say that a lot of money, time and effort has gone into the cutscenes, lighting and different effects of the game and that can be seen clearly.

If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Marvel’s Avengers guides hub.

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