DNA Keys are special keys that allow you to open special chests that can only be opened via these keys. Inside you can find valuable loot including legendary tier gear. In this Marvel’s Avengers DNA Key guide, we are going to go over how you can get these keys and where you can find the chests that need these keys to unlock them.

How To Farm And Find DNA Keys And Chests In Marvel’s Avengers

DNA Keys can be earned from specific missions such as “To Tame A Titan” War Zone Mission. Once the key has been used to open up a chest it cannot be used again. It will be consumed. So you will find more if you want to open up more chests. You can easily repeat and farm “To Tame A Titan” War Zone Mission in order to do get more keys and open more chests in order to get legendary gear.

This is the only way of farming DNA keys in Marvel’s Avengers that we know of right now. As more methods are added or discovered, we will add them here. So stay tuned for more information regarding the matter.

The DNA Key chest that we know of can be found during the Snowy Tundra Vault mission. You can head over to one of the surface side objectives at the large satellite dish to find the locked chest. You will need the DNA key to unlock it and get the loot inside.

This is how you can get the key and how you can use it to unlock the chest and where to find the chest in the game. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can level up your characters fast. For more content related to the game then you can check out our Marvel’s Avengers guides hub.

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