Marvel’s Avengers Desert Vault Guide – How to Complete Desert Vault

Marvel's Avengers desert vault

When you get done with the Snowy Tundra Vault, you’ll move on to the Desert Vault mission in Marvel’s Avengers. The Desert Vault mission helps you get special rewards, loot, and XP for your Avengers. In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the Desert Vault in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Complete the Desert Vault Marvel’s Avengers – How to Unlock, Tips, Loot

The Desert Vault can only be accessed through a cache that’s in one of the Stark Realities. Use the radar icon in the top left corner to track the cache. Now head back to the War Table to access the Desert Vault level. When you reach the Desert Vault mission you will find a ton of caches. You use the D-pad to trigger the navigator to track cache locations. In this level, you will also find DNA Key Chests that are only accessible through DNA Keys.

How to Find Desert Vault Entrance

Reach the SHIELD facility look at your radar in the upper left corner. The radar will guide you to the Desert Vault Entrance. When you reach the Desert Vault location you will see a small light coming from the ground. Hold the prompted button to enter the vault area underground.

How to Open Desert Vault Door

To open the vault door you need to find the right terminal combination. Open the vault in order – 3,2. Get close to the console with the designated number and stand near it to unlock. Once you unlock all consoles head back to the center console and stand in the blue area until the top left gauge is full.

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