Marvel’s Avengers Builds Guide – Best Builds, Skills, Attributes, Best Gear Perks

Marvel’s Avengers Builds Guide

Marvel’s Avengers features some of the most recognizable faces from Marvel Comics. The game puts quite a focus on each of the character’s skills and abilities. Every hero has a unique set of skills and attributes from which players can choose. However, only a few of them can be considered the best. Our Marvel’s Avengers Builds Guide will help players with the best builds for each of the heroes.

Marvel’s Avengers Best Builds

As I mentioned above, each of the heroes in Marvel’s Avengers have unique skills and attributes. Each character has four skill trees but, only a select few of them can be considered the best skills. The following are the best builds for each of the heroes in Marvel’s Avengers consisting of the best skills and best attributes.

Of course, players can make small changes to these Marvel’s Avengers builds so that it better suits their play style.

Iron Man Best Build

The best of use for Iron Man is to be used as an offensive hero. Given that Iron Man can hit enemies at a range makes it the best offensive hero. The following are the best skills for Iron Man along with the best attributes.

Best Skills

The Following are the best Iron Man abilities to boost his offensive capabilities and damage.

  • Laser Beam: Laser Beam is a ranged attack that fires a focused laser that deals significant damage. The longer the laser is pointed at the enemy, the more damage it deals. However, the Laser beam consumes the intrinsic Supercharge energy and players have to wait for the bar to fill up again to use the Laser Beam attack again.
  • Hand Cannon: Hand Cannon is Iron Man’s heavy attack that auto-targets enemy and shoots repulsor energy shots. Players have to press Triangle/Y four times to chain the heavy attack. The last attack is a Heavy Finisher that fires double Repulsor blast. This attack also consumes intrinsic Supercharge energy.
  • Burning Edge: Burning Edge is a heavy dodge attack. Players can activate this Iron Man Skill by pressing Triangle/Y while dodging. This attack makes Iron Man slide forward and unleashing two Laser swipes while staggering enemies hit by the attack. This skill also drains the intrinsic Supercharge energy.
  • Magnetron: This is an aerial power attack and is useful against flying enemies. Press Triangle/Y in mid-air to unleash both lasers as a double beam attack while knocking enemies away. However, players have to equip Laser for this attack and it drains the intrinsic Supercharge energy.
  • Thruster Uppercut: This is Iron Man’s signature attack which can be performed by pressing square/X. This is a close-range attack where Iron Man launches thruster supported uppercut. This not only breaks the enemies’ block but also launches them in the air.

Best Attributes

Since the best skills we’ve chosen for Iron Man are offensive attacks, players will have to back these skills with offensive attributes that increase damage. Might and Valor are recommended here since they increase melee damage along with the critical chance. The chances for a critical attack can be increased by using Proficiency.

Best Gear Perks

The following are the best gear perks for Iron Man’s offensive build.

  • Cosmic Atomizers: This is a melee gear perk that allows light combo finishers to vent a concentrated discharge of COSMIC energy.
  • Adept Graviton Explosion: Increases the chances of generating an anti-gravity field when damaging weak points. This will make the enemies float in the air.
  • Aerial Quake: Increases stun damage for melee attack in the air.

Black Widow Best Build

Black Widow doesn’t have any super-powers or a technological marvel of a suit like Iron Man.

This hero is best utilized as a support hero and the best way to support the team using Black Widow is through ranged attacks.

Best Skills

The following are the best skills/abilities for Black Widow which increase the character’s support capabilities.

  • High-Caliber Shot: This is a ranged skill that swaps Black Widow’s dual pistols with a single high-power pistol with significant stopping power. Press either left d-pad or right d-pad button to switch to High-Caliber Shot. Players have to hold L2/LT to aim and press R2/RT to fire.
  • Rain Maker: This skill is actually a ranged attack upgrade and can be combined with full-auto pistols to increase the magazine by 20 rounds.
  • Perforator: This is a ranged Power Attack that can be combined with High-Caliber Shot. When using the High-Caliber Shot, press and hold R2/RT to charge up an attack that pierces through enemies. Meaning, players can hit multiple enemies with one attack provided they are in a line.
  • Power Line: Given that the Black Widow will be used as a supporting character, maintaining a bit of distance is the key. Power Line can be used to create distance between her and the enemies. Power Line is a Movement Ability Upgrade that allows Black Widow to launch off of ledges and poles and cover a significant distance.
  • Polygonal Rifling: This skill is an upgrade for High-Caliber Shot as it increases critical damage for High-Caliber Shot by 10%.

Best Attribtes

Since we are going to building Black Widow as a support hero, her shots need to be precise. This can be achieved with the Precision attribute that increases that not only increases ranged attack damage but also, Assault Heroic Charge rate.

Best Gear Perks

The following are the best gear perks for this Black Widow build are as follows along with what they can do.

  • Aerial Berserker Breaker: Increases damage for mid-air melee combos.
  • Gamma AE Bullets: High-caliber Shot deals GAMMA damage.
  • Nimble Pulse: Chance of a stun explosion while Perfect evading.
  • Aerial Berserker Blitz: Midair melee attacks have increased damage with every consecutive hit.

Hulk Best Build

Hulk is an absolute beast that has to be used as a Tank on account of the hero being able to absorb a lot of damage and dealing just as much in return.

This particular Hulk Build will make the hero practically a damage sponge and for that to happen, players need to unlock skills related to RAGE.

Best Skills

The following are the best skills for Hulk that will increase the hero’s capacity to absorb damage and deal as much.

  • Devil’s Rampage: While this skill isn’t essential for this build but, unlocking it is necessary as it’ll allow players to unlock other skills related to Rage. This skill increases the intrinsic RAGE meter by 15 points when players perform takedowns.
  • Controlled Chaos: Reduces the cost of Rage use by 20%. Since Hulk is stronger when Rage is active, Controlled Chaos will increase its duration.
  • Survival Instincts: This is also an upgrade to Intrinsic Ability. This increases Willpower recovery by 100% when Rage is active.
  • Heavy Combo Finisher: This skill for Hulk is an upgrade for the heavy attack. Players have to press square/X four times and then press triangle/Y once. This will main Hulk chain light attacks and then use a heavy combo finisher that not only deals massive damage but also sends enemies flying.
  • Unstoppable Ferocity: Increases the maximum energy value of the intrinsic Rage meter by 15%.
  • Monster of Mayhem: Reduces the cost of using RAGE and boosts intrinsic energy by 15% when Hulk takes damage and deals damage.
  • Klaxon Frenzy: When Hul performs a Perfect Evade, intrinsic RAGE meter energy is boosted by 10%.
  • Unbound Fury: The maximum energy value for the intrinsic RAGE meter is increased by 15%.

Best Atrributes

Since Hulk is a tank, the attributes players need to use are the ones that increase armor and Support Heroic Charge. Resilience is the best suited for the Hulk which increases armor and Support Heroic Charge.

Resolve is also worth it as it increases Max Willpower and Willpower recover effectiveness.

Gear Perks

The Following are the gear perks for this Hulk Build.

  • Heavyweight Protection: A chance for the Heavy Combo Finishers to grant a small defense buff.
  • Adept Buff: Chance for weak point attacks to grant defense buff.
  • Reactive Explosion: Chance for Hulk taking damage will grant a defense buff.
  • Dauntless Blessing: Increased chance of critical attack for sprint or evade.

Kamala Khan – Ms. Marvel Best Build

Kamala Khan is best utilized as a combination of support and offensive hero. This means players have to select skills suites for both defensive and offensive playstyle. The following best build for Kamala Khan – Ms. Marvel.

Best Skills

The following are the best skills for Kamala Khan that will best suit this part defensive, part offensive build.

  • Whirling Wallop: This skill allows Kamala to unleash a flurry of uppercut swings that launch enemies in the air. Players have to press and hold Square/X to activate it. This attack has long reach and also breaks enemies’ guard.
  • Double Down Kick: Press and hold Square/X in mid-air to break the enemy guard with two downward kicks slamming the enemy in the ground along with Stun damage. pair this skill with Whirling Wallop as a finisher.
  • Harpoon: Press and hold R2 while using WHIP FIST to grab and hold normal-sized enemies. This attack can be used to throw enemies off the map. While Kamal won’t throw large enemies but she can shove then away using Harpoon skill.
  • Hip Check: Press R2 right before the attack lands to dodge and parry the enemy attack. This skill increases Ms. Marvel’s survivability.
  • Shining Will: This skill recovers Willpower by 4%/second when Polymorph is active.
  • Morning Star: Press Square/X after Parrying an enemy to knock back nearby enemies. This is a counter-attack move, useful to make some room if players are overwhelmed by sheer number of enemies.
  • Whirlwind: While Polymorph is active, press and hold Square/X to have Kamala spin and hit all nearby enemies.

Best Attributes

Resilience and Resolve are the best attributes for this Ms. Marvel Build. Resilience increases armor and Support Heroic Charge Rate. Resolve increases Max Willpower and Willpower Recovery.

Best Gear Perks

The following are the best Gear Perks for this Kamala Khan part defensive, part offensive build.

  • Healing Spirit Safeguard: This gear perk reduces damage received by 13.8%. Alternatively, Heavyweight Inspiration can be used as a substitute.
  • Adept Spark: A chance for weak point attacks to grant a Heroic Charge Burst for all Heroics.
  • Courageous Inspiration: When Kamala is critically injured, this gear perk will grant her a Willpower Burst.

Captain America Best Build

There is no way to play Captain America other than as an offensive hero. Our Marvel’s Avengers Builds Guide will help players with the best skills, attributes, and gear perks that suit Captain America’s offensive build.

Best Skills

Given that this is an offensive Captain America build, we’ll be focusing on skills that improve this hero’s attacking capabilities. The following are the skills best suited for this build.

  • Shield Sweep: Press Square/X after the CARTWHEEL KICK to follow-up with an attack that knocks back enemies. Enemies struck by this attack will be open to further attacks by Captian America.
  • Truth Seeker: This particular skill increases the number of enemies to 5 that can be targeted with Ricochet Throw. Good for making some room if the player is overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies.
  • Shield Strike: Press Square/X four times and then triangle/Y once to chain light attack in a combo with a Heavy Combo Finisher. This attack will break through the enemies’ defense and knocking them back. Furthermore, enemies will be open to further attacks.

Best Attributes

The attributes best suited for this Captain America build are Might and Precision. Might increases melee damage and ultimate heroic charge rate while Precision increases ranged damage and assault heroic charge rate.

That is all for our Marvel’s Avengers Builds Guide with tips on the best builds for each of the heroes in the game. For more on the game, also see our Tips And Tricks Guide and How To Unlock Heroes.

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