Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 is all about taking down bad guys but there are some puzzles that you need to solve. This involves cooling things down for a bit and using your mind rather than your fists. In this Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 Raft Security Gate Puzzle Guide, we are going to walk you through how you can solve the puzzles and get through so you can progress through the game and unlock all characters.


Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 Raft Security Gate Puzzle

The following are the solutions to the puzzles on the raft in Ultimate Alliance 3:

Puzzle #1
This puzzle is straightforward. Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to complete the puzzle:

  1. Top row, right switch
  2. Top row, left switch
  3. Bottom row, left switch
  4. Go grab the chest item on the very top right
  5. Bottom row, right switch
  6. bottom row, left switch

Puzzle #2
This one is a bit difficult compared to the first one. You can solve it by following the steps below:

  1. First row, third switch
  2. Second row, first switch
  3. Second row, second switch
  4. Go grab the chest in the room below the third room in the first row
  5. Second row, third switch
  6. Third row, second switch
  7. Third row, third switch
  8. First row, second switch
  9. Second row, second switch
  10. First row, third switch
  11. Go grab the chest in the room above the third row
  12. First row, third switch
  13. Second row, third switch
  14. First row, first switch

This puzzle section has two hidden crates as well. Be sure to pick them up!

This marks the end of our Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 Security Gate Puzzle Guide.