Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is out now and it has many characters to choose from, which you need to level up as well. You will need to constantly upgrade your character in order to take on different enemies. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new characters. Leveling in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 can be a bit tricky and in this guide, we are going to look into how you can level up characters fast.


Leveling up characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will allow you to unlock new abilities which will help you beat powerful enemies. In this guide, we are also going to look into XP Cubes, what they do and how you can get them.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Leveling Guide

The game has plenty of heroes to choose from. You should swap the characters often so that the XP is shared between them. You can level up the heroes that you like much faster this way. The quickest way of gaining XP and leveling up characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is by using XP Cubes.

What Are XP Cubes?

XP Cubes provide characters with XP. There are different types of XP Cubes that you can find in the game and they are as follows:

  • Small XP Cube
  • Solid XP Cube
  • Enhanced XP Cube
  • Cosmic XP Cube
  • Ultimate XP Cube

In order to use the XP Cubes, all you need to do is go into the main menu. Select Team and then select a hero. Press A and then Y to use XP cubes. Each XP Cube type adds different amounts of XP to the hero that you selected.

XP Cubes are scattered around the different levels and they are pretty easy to find. They can be spotted as sparkling crates. Get close to the crate and damage it to get XP Cubes.

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This marks the end of our Ultimate Alliance 3 Leveling Guide. Get grinding!