The Standing Stone puzzle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns can be found east of Abbey grounds. The Standing Stone provides players unique rewards (The three legendary chests) if they press the stones in a specific sequence.

To acquire the legendary chests, players will have to use three different sequence codes for each chest. The codes needed to solve the standing stone puzzle are present in the area but require keen deductive skills and patience. Luckily, we’ve already provided you with all the locations you’ll need to look at to find the sequences.

Sigil Sequence Locations

What you’ll want to do first is to head on over to the chapel within the Abbey and locate a wall facing South for our first sequence. The second Sigil can be found once the northeast region gets unlocked via the “Second Word of Power”. Once that’s done, you’ll need to look inside Agatha’s cottage to find it.

Head over to the northeast region of Abbey’s ground and use the “Third Word of Power” to uncover Lilith’s garden, use the “Fourth Word of Power” to break the wall inside the greenhouse, and head downstairs using the lagger to find the third Sigil sequence.

Solving the Standing Stone puzzle is worth it because it contains the three legendary chests. For more on the game, see Spider-Man Challenge Guide and Elemental Rods Locations Guide.

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