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Man Of Medan: How To Save Everyone (Ending Guide)


Man Of Medan is available now, and the game has different kinds of endings depending on the choices that you make in this game. In the Man Of Medan Save Everyone Ending Guide, we are going to talk about what you need to do to save everyone and get a good ending.

How To Save Everyone In The Ending Of Man Of Medan

To save all characters in “Man of Medan”, you need to focus on the five main characters: Fliss, Julia, Alex, Brad, and Conrad. Key aspects to ensure their survival include making the right dialogue choices, avoiding picking up weapons, completing Quick Time Events (QTEs) successfully, and making certain decisions at critical moments.

How To Save Conrad

saving conrad in Man of Maden

To save Conrad in “Man of Medan,” follow these steps, particularly in the chapter named “Intrusion”:

When the pirates board your ship and tie everyone up, don’t resist them. There’s a Quick Time Event (QTE) at the start where you should avoid pressing any buttons.

Untying Sequence

  • Ungag Fliss on the left first, then Alex on the right. Alex will automatically ungag Julia.
  • Wait for Junior, one of the pirates, to take Fliss away.
  • Untie Alex until Junior enters again. You will need to press the specified QTE button to avoid getting punched.

Olson, the leader of the pirates, will punch Conrad, which is unavoidable. When talking to Olson, choose the following dialogue options: Serious, Agitated, Compliant. While talking to Alex, select the responses: Uneasy and Concerned.

Escape Sequence

  • Express Conrad’s intent to sneak around the boat.
  • When the opportunity arises, knock out the window when the thunder strikes, counting to six.
  • Complete a series of five straight QTE checks while Conrad is on the side of the boat.
  • Choose the option to Escape (Left) over taking the Knife (Right).
  • During the boat escape sequence, press the specified QTE buttons in quick succession (Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle).

Outcomes of QTEs

  • Successfully completing these QTEs will allow Conrad to escape on the speedboat.
  • If any of these QTEs are failed, especially the last one when a pirate points a pistol at the speedboat, Conrad can either be shot and die, or be captured by the pirates.

Throughout the chapter, being flippant, agitated, compliant, uneasy, and concerned in dialogues with Olson and Alex will influence the outcome for Conrad.

How to Save Julia

saving julia in man of maden

To save Julia in “Man of Medan,” it’s important to manage a few critical choices and QTEs (Quick Time Events), especially in the chapters involving Junior. Here’s a guide to ensure Julia’s survival:

At a crucial point in the game, Julia and either Alex or Brad (depending on your choices) will encounter Junior. Junior is in a highly agitated state and poses a serious threat to Julia’s life.

When interacting with Junior, you should select dialogue options that are Curious, Worried, and Desperate. These choices are essential in calming Junior down and preventing him from harming Julia.

The Rebreather, found earlier in the chapter named “Depths,” plays a vital role. Successfully completing the QTEs associated with the Rebreather is crucial. Ensure you bring the Rebreather with you when heading to the generator room, as it is instrumental in calming down Junior. When the opportunity arises, choose to Grab the Pistol. You’ll use the Rebreather to calm Junior down, thus saving Julia’s life.

Completing QTEs and Making Choices

  • Complete a QTE to go up the stairs.
  • When given the option between ‘run’ or ‘jump’, select either.
  • Complete another QTE.
  • When faced with ‘fight back’ or ‘keep going’ options, choose ‘keep going’.
  • Complete the final QTE to escape the other Alex as you regroup with everyone.

Successfully managing these choices and QTEs will result in saving Julia’s life and potentially unlocking the ‘It’s All Gone Changing on Me’ trophy/achievement if you’re playing on a platform that supports it​.

How to Save Alex

saving alex in man of maden

To save Alex in “Man of Medan,” it’s crucial to manage specific choices and QTEs (Quick Time Events) effectively, especially in the later parts of the game. Here’s a detailed guide to ensure Alex’s survival:

Critical Choices and QTEs

  • During the first encounter with Olson, complete the heartbeat sequence successfully.
  • Correctly press the three buttons and jump over the gap in the walkway.
  • Take the distributor cap from Olson’s corpse.
  • Complete the QTE sequence where three rats jump on you.
  • When confronted with the monster with two heads, do not stab it with a knife. Instead, ask “who are you?” during your interaction with the monster.

In the chapter “Matters of the Heart,” make sure not to attack any hallucinations or demonic rats. Attacking them can result in Alex harming an innocent person or himself. Successfully managing these choices and QTEs will save Alex’s life. Failing these sequences, particularly in attacking the rats or the hallucinations, can lead to fatal consequences for Alex.

Note: If Julia tries to fight a creature and Alex chooses to hide but then fails the following QTEs, both Julia and Brad can end up dead, affecting Alex’s fate indirectly.

How to Save Fliss

saving Fliss in man of maden.

Fliss’ fate is significantly influenced by the actions of Alex during this chapter. The choices made as Alex have a direct impact on what happens to Fliss. During the chapter, Alex will encounter a monster with two heads, as well as a trio of rats. It is crucial to avoid stabbing either the monster or a rat.

When faced with the monster, you will be presented with a dialogue option. Choose to ask the monster “who are you?” This reveals that the monster is actually Fliss. By not attacking the monster, you effectively save Fliss.

You’ll need to complete several QTEs as Olson appears, as well as when jumping over the floor, and when going down a corridor. Pay special attention to QTEs where Alex sees an enemy or a rat emerging in a grotesque manner. Do not attack in these situations, letting the QTEs time out, which is crucial for Fliss’ survival.

How to Save Brad

saving brad in man of maden.

To ensure Brad’s survival in “Man of Medan,” it’s important to manage certain choices and QTEs (Quick Time Events) effectively. Here’s a detailed guide for saving Brad:

If Brad avoids a confrontation with the pirates, he will remain on the original boat, hidden from them. This decision influences his safety and the sequence of events he will encounter. While exploring the Ghost Ship, Brad should pass through the screamer room and investigate the right lockers to obtain the Gas Mask.

Continue exploring and climb the wall, but importantly, do not pick up the wrench found ahead.

Locker Room and QTEs

  • In the locker room, interact with the locker on the right twice to collect the Gas Mask.
  • If Brad enters the bathroom and walks past the toilets, he will need to complete a keep calm QTE.
  • Push a wooden box in the next room to climb over a wall.
  • When coming to a broken ledge, interact with it and drop down.

Choices and QTEs for Safety

  • Complete the first QTE when being hunted by Olson.
  • Be assertive and choose to stand your ground.
  • Complete the second QTE sequence while still being pursued by Olson.
  • When facing off against Junior, first ask him what the mist does, then admit there was something in the last room, and tell him you both held your breath.
  • Choose the ‘distract’ option instead of grabbing the gun.

This marks the end of our Man Of Medan Save Everyone Ending Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game, then be sure to check out our picture locations guide as well.

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