Man of Medan is a game full of plot-twists and every decision you make has got terrifying or positive consequences. In such a scenario, where everything lies on a single dialogue choice, it’s important to gather some clues or foreshadowing. This is where Pictures come in. Here’s where you find all the Pictures in Man of Medan.

Man of Medan Pictures Locations

Pictures in Man of Medan fall in two categories: Black and White.  The former, as the color suggests, offers a glimpse at the darker turn of events or fates for the characters. The White pictures provide some hope and glimmer of a brighter future.

There are a total of 13 pictures in Man of  Medan and we’ll be covering the precise locations for all of them in the table below.

Picture Location
High and Dry – ‘Wreck’ As Alex, head to the cabin where Brad is residing in. Here, you can find a picture down the stairs to your left.
Cut and Run – ‘Uninvited Guests’ As Fliss, simply open her room and navigate it to collect the picture.
Devil and the Deep – ‘Dive’ As Julia while diving, find the picture in a small opening on the west most corner.
In the Offing – ‘An Escape’ Either as Conrad or Alex, make your way to Fliss to find a room with many bunks. Here, the picture is in the east corner towards the back of the room.
Cut of Your Jib – ‘Caskets’ As Alex, navigate to the kitchen and find the picture atop the many tables placed here. It’s to the left side of the room.
Close Quarters – ‘Danny’ As Danny, escort Fliss until you come at the point where Flish shoves you away from collecting the picture. Complete the task and then head back to gather the picture.
Copper Bottom – ‘Finding Friends’ As Brad, first, squeeze through the hole to enter the mailroom. Here, find the picture along the right of the room.
Keelhaul – ‘Ritual’ When you enter the ballroom as Fliss, quickly brush away the curtains to reach the door on the right and through to find the picture.
Plain Sailing – ‘Glamor Girl’ As Conrad, chase after the ghost by heading upstairs and taking the door on the left. Now proceed through another door on the right to find the picture resting by the wall.
Loose Cannon – ‘Distress Signal’ Once you’ve climbed the stairs and you’re in the control room of sorts during this chapter, you’ll want to look out for the picture in the back left corner of the room by the doorway. It’s the doorway you’ll go through to find the radio.
Ship Shape – ‘Glamor Girl’ (Curator’s Cut) As Fliss, in search for Conrad, look for a locked door on the left side of the hallway. After Brad and Fliss unlock it together, collect the picture/painting in the room.
A Little Hope – ‘Olson’ As Brad when you’re grouped with Fliss and split from Alex and Julia, halt at the room with multiple lockers and beds. Find the picture here.

This marks the end of our Man of Medan pictures locations guide if you need more help with the games you play check out our guides section.