Money makes the world go round and that is true even in Empire of Sin. You will be spending most of your time trying to start businesses and expanding them in order to make more money. In this Empire of Sin guide, we are going to go over how you can make money fast.


Guide To Making Money Fast In Empire of Sin

When starting a new game, you will choose the mob boss that you want. Each of these has special bonuses that you need to keep in mind and make decisions accordingly in order to make the most out of different situations. The bonuses will also tell you which business you are going to focus on.

If the mob boss bonus gives you better security for casinos then casinos should be a major source of money for you in Empire of Sin. Similarly, if the mob boss you have selected has brewery related bonuses then you should be working in the alcohol segment.


Once you have completed the tutorial you will have your first racket. The quickest way to get more is to start a war with a rival gang. Look for their safe houses and battle them. Make sure that your characters are prepared for the encounters that are to come. Once you beat the boss of the rival gang you will have access to the rackets for the rival faction.

You can keep the current racket as it is or convert it into something else. Keeping the racket as is will be free but converting it is going to cost money. Appoint a lieutenant to your safe house in order to boost stats. The boost is going to depend on the class of your lieutenant. You can learn more about that in our classes guide.

The following are the types of rackets that you can take over or start:

  • Brewery – Makes alcohol.
  • Speakeasies – Bars for customers.
  • Brothel – Adult entertainment.
  • Casinos – Betting place from which you can get loads of cash. If someone wins then you can lose money fast too.
  • Hotel – Provides place to stay and increases patrons.

These rackets have upgrades. The hotel does not have any upgrades once they are made but the other establishments do. The security upgrade is going to increase the number of guards for your racket. The Deflect upgrade lowers the chances of police raids. You can choose to close down the racket for a bit if police are getting suspicious of your business. You can even bribe them if needed.


You can rush upgrades by paying more. Speakeasies, brothels, and casinos have additional upgrades that you can use to make the business better. Ambiance upgrade increases the income of the racket. Word of Mouth upgrade increases the draw of the racket and brings in more customers.

Breweries And Alcohol Production

The game is based in Chicago during the Prohibition-era which means that dealing in booze is going to be very lucrative. You can check the breweries that you own in the Alcohol tab on the upper right corner of the screen. Breweries have upgrades that are similar to the other rackets but these have some additional upgrades as well.

Production is the amount of alcohol that you produce every week. Alcohol quality is pretty self-explanatory. The better the quality the higher the price. You might need better quality alcohol in order to meet customer demands. Storage makes sure that any leftover alcohol that has not been used is stored and can be sold another day.

Check the consumption tab to see what kind of alcohol you need to produce in order to make the most amount of money.


This is how you can make money in Empire of Sin. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Empire of Sin guides hub.


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