During the Funiculur level in Oddworld: Soulstorm, you will come across a group of mudokens that suffer from a strange illness. You will learn that they can be cured and in order to do that, you must find some ingredients and make an antidote. In this Oddworld: Soulstorm guide, we are going to walk you through how you can make the antidote.

Crafting The Antidote In Oddworld: Soulstorm

You will find all the crafting materials that you need in the mine caverns. The first mudoken tells you that Paramolds make him feel much better. In the area, there are two more that will tell you that someone is close to a cure and that the cave has healing ingredients. You need to pass through the gate on the far right. This will take you to the first cave.

Here you will be introduced to caves. This is going to be important to go through the cave. You will find the first ingredient, Moongrass, at the start of the cave. You will see plenty of it and when you get close to one it is going to illuminate.

Once you get to the second checkpoint, you will need to jump across a gap. In front of the rolling section, you will find Paramold, which is the second ingredient that you need to make the cure. Note that below the points where you jump across, there is a secret area that you can explore.

Antidote Oddworld: Soulstorm

Once you have started the generator in the first cave you need to come out and turn the lever to the second tavern. Talk to the sick mudoken that is in front of the cave and you will learn that new monsters called Fleeches are ahead. He will also tell you that their droppings have healing properties and have been used in the past.

Head into the cave and you will be able to see the Zs of the monsters without the flare. You need to sneak past them to the right in order to avoid them. Make your way forward and you will find Phatoline and will be able to power the generator.

Haggut Moss

Below the area is a line of Haggut Moss. This is the third ingredient that you need to make the antidote. Once you have the moss, you need to progress forward to get out. When you come out you will see that the generator you turned on is now powering a new lift. You can go down to find a secret area to explore.

At the top, you will find a lever that is going to open a doorway and saw blades that you need to run away from. Jump over the crates and get to the other side. Once you have cleared the blades you will come across yet another sick mudoken and a cave. Talk to him and you will learn that Meetlebats made him feel better.

Head into the cave and you will find another generator. Power it and the saw blades will start moving. You will find Sleech Guano above the first set of blades. This is the fourth ingredient that you need to get to make the antidote in Oddworld: Soulstorm. Progress forward and you will reach a switch that you need to activate in order to go any further. Behind the door is the final ingredient, Meetlebat Venom.

Now that you have everything that you need. You need to open the crafting menu and select Antidote. You need only craft one and it will work for all the ill people. Head outside the cave and you will see a sick mudoken. You will give the antidote to him and in return, he will follow you and fix the elevator.

You can heal a total of 15 people on this level and earn the Abe the Healer trophy. This is how you can craft the antidote in Oddworld: Soulstorm. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can tie sligs. For more content related to the game check out our Oddworld: Soulstorm guides hub.

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