Mafia: Definitive Edition is out now and there are a couple of secret cars in the game that you can only get in a particular way. In this Mafia: Definitive Edition secret cars guide, we are going to go over how you can get these sweet rides.

How To Get All Secret Cars In Mafia: Definitive Edition

The following are the different secret cars in Mafia: Definitive Edition and how you can unlock them in the game:

Manta Prototype

You can find the Manta Prototype secret card on the central rail station block in the works quarter. The garage can be found in the northeast building on the rail station block. Head into the building and climb the crates to enter the next area that is also filled with crates.

You will have to make your way through the maze of crates and get to the grey metal garage. Smash the door open and you can get the Manta Prototype secret car inside.

Trautenberg Sport

This secret card can be found at the Waterfront Downtown. The waterfront will be facing the East River on the map. Head over into the building and clear out the crates with a weapon. Then climb the crates that cannot be broken and head towards the next garage building. This is where the Trautenberg Sport secret car is going to be parked.


You can find Disorder east from the Lake Fyer on the road that is leading east from the Fyer Dam. You will see a hotel-style building with umbrellas at the front. Head towards the back of this building and you will find the shed. The car is inside.

Lassiter V16 Appolyon

You can find this secret car on the eastern part of the map on Beech Hill. One of the houses here will have a garage that has the secret car inside. The house is on top of the word “Hill” on the map so it is pretty hard to miss.

Crazy Horse

Head over to the western side of Little Italy. Here you will find a ringing phone. This will inlock the crazy horse mission. You need to head over to each location with the ringing bell and without damaging the car.

This is how you can get all the secret cars in Mafia: Definitive Edition. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our achievements guide that highlights show you can complete the game 100%.

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