How to run the ball in Madden NFL 20? Well, our Madden NFL 20 guide will explain the process and basics of how to run the ball. Additionally, we will discuss tips and tricks for better runs and button layouts to help you. Madden 20 is here which means the Madden madness is about to kick off. The annual franchise is back with new features, players, changes and improvements.

If you are looking for tips and trick, the basics, then you have arrived at the right place.

Madden NFL 20 Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with the basics which every player must know. Each player you control will run in the direction you point to by default. However, that isn’t the ideal play style. To for better control over your ballcarriers, here’s what you need to know.

Action Input Xbox Input PS4
Sprint RT R2
Protect Ball RB R1
Hurdle Y Triangle
Dive X Square
Spin B Circle
Stiff Arm A X
Pitch LB L1
Hesitation Tap LT Tap L2
Juke Right stick right/left Right stick right/left
Truck Right stick up Right stick up
Stumble Recovery Right stick down w/
green arrow prompt (QTE)
Right stick down w/
green arrow prompt (QTE)

Precision Modifiers

This is one of the more recent features which came into play a few years ago. This is great for better player movements. The whole point of Precision Modifiers offer ways to chain together moves for smart maneuvers, managing stamina, and counter defenders. The moves we listed above don’t need precision modifiers which is better suited for competitive games. If you are new to the franchise we suggest you try not to overdo with the left trigger.

The modifiers are reserved for seasoned players who can do wonders with them in higher difficulties and online leagues. But in case you are good at a skill position you can indeed use modifiers but go easy with it, don’t use all the times.

Balance of quicker maneuvers and more stamina exhausting but potentially touchdown scoring modifier moves will take some practice.

The best move is if you got one player to beat on the sideline, use a modified stiff arm or spin move.

Run Concepts and Following Blockers

Madden NFL 20 is not an easy game to play. If you are new to the game or someone looking to do better this year, you need to learn the basic of this game.

There are two types of plays, running plays and passing plays. However, with a casual understanding of the plays, you won’t win the plays.

Only if you are familiar with the basics of running plays you can hope to do better in Madden NFL 20 and Ultimate Team. To improve your ground game you need to understand Run Concepts used in Madden games.

For instance, you can use a Draw when a QB drops back to pass but after a delay, hands in off to the running back. This tricks the defense line into thinking a pass is coming because it looks like it is.

In NFL and Madden there is another popular play which is called Sweep. The ball is given back to the RB as he runs the parallel line of the scrimmage to rotate outside the defensive line. Keep in mind that it is important to give time to your blockers to be ahead of you.

Have patience and avoid cutting corners or rushing to the edge.

All plays have a lane or you can it a “hole” that you must hit. Of course, there are other lanes that may look more appealing but it can often be by design to deceive defenses. You blocker won’t be in sync with you if you attempt to improvise.

Double-check your play art before the ball is snapped. Use the right trigger to check the play art. Madden 20 is nothing short of a chess-game, so keep that in mind.

The right trigger will show you what your blockers are doing, which hole needs to be hit, and the number of defenders in the “box.”

The best way to decode your playbook is to understand run concepts and what their names mean.

Take Care of the Ball

This is probably the most basic thing you need to know, protect the ball. It is crucial to know when to cover and protect the ball so that you don’t give it away. Use the R1 or RB buttons on consoles to protect the football and make sure you don’t lose it.

It is to be noted that protecting the ball will slow you down and you are more than likely to be tackled by the opponent. This practice is useful when you want to gain some yards and keep moving forward on the field.

Use this to protect the ball when the opponent is racing the lock and is itchy to get the ball from you.

Sprint Spamming Is Bad

If you want to win, don’t spam sprint. It is frowned upon even for seasoned players.  Sprinting can get you some quick yards if you manage to not get tackled. But you are burning much-needed stamina which may cost you a touchdown. Save your sprints for when you see an open space and try to get ahead of the defensive line like that.

Understand Your Team

This is the final but most valuable tip for the players of Madden NFL 20. In order to successfully run the ball, you need to know your team. Usually, you play with class players with a long list of skills and abilities but they are useless if you don’t know how to use these players. You must understand their weaknesses and strengths.

Study your team and understand which players are suitable for which task and play.

If you need more help with the game check out our How to Intercept Passes, and Madden NFL 20 Best Playbooks.

This marks the end of our Madden 20 guide on how to run the ball.