Whether you are a veteran Madden player or just stepping onto the field for the first time, you will need to master the art of catching sooner or later. Catching in Madden 24 is further divided into three categories that you can use to prevent the defenders from intercepting the ball. In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about catching in Madden 24.


Madden 24 Catching

There are three core catching mechanics that you can play with in Madden 24. If done properly, these can easily turn the game state. You will, however, need to understand when to use each one along with proper execution. Here is a quick rundown of different types of catches in Madden 24:

Aggressive Catch

When your receiver is surrounded by defenders, the Aggressive Catch is the play. This move causes your receiver toward the ball, aiming to catch it before being tackled. In order to do this, you will need to press Triangle / Y on consoles and R on PC.

Run After Catch (RAC)

The Run After Catch (RAC) is all about maintaining momentum and gaining those precious yards after you manage to get the ball. It is perfect for agile receivers as it lets them easily outmaneuver the defenders. To do the RAC in Madden 24, you will need to hold Square / X on consoles and the Q key on PC.


Possession Catch

If you do not want to leave any room for error, you should always go for the Possession Catch. When going with this catch, you secure the ball with both hands, reducing the odds of a fumble. You can do this by pressing X / A on consoles and the E key on PC.

Catching Tips

Just like any other mechanic in Madden 24, you will probably need to spend a lot of time practicing it. Here are some tips to help you catch with a higher success rate:

  • When it comes to catching, you need to understand that different routes require specific skills. You should always try to play around your receiver’s strengths.
  • Not a lot of people know but a receiver’s catch in traffic attribute can come in very handy when they are in close quarters with defenders. You should always pay attention to this rating when it comes to catching.
  • Changing direction on a moment’s notice is a valuable skill for receivers. This agility helps them create separation from defenders and make those vital cuts to get open.

This is everything we have got on how to easily catch in Madden 24. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!