Madden NFL 24 is out now, and fans are super excited to play the newest football game. Before the game came out, EA Sports gave some hints and showed player scores, which made a lot of people talk. While many are rated as the top players in Madden what many of us are interested in are the best rookies.


These rookies in Madden 24 are new to the NFL and everyone’s curious about their ratings to decide who are the best at what they do. Let’s check out the best rookies in Madden 24 for each position who can make the best offensive and defensive plays.

Madden 24 Best Rookie Players In Each Position

Bijan RobinsonRunning Back81Falcons
Jahmyr GibbsRunning Back77Lions
Devon AchaneRunning Back76Dolphins
Bryce YoungQuarter Back74Panthers
CJ. StroudQuarter Back73Texans
Anthony RichardsonQuarter Back70Colts
Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWide Receiver78Seahawks
Zay FlowersWide Receiver77Ravens
Jordan AddisonWide Receiver76Vikins
Dalton KincaidTight Ends76Bills
Michael MayerTight Ends75Raiders
Sam LaPortaTight Ends70Raiders
Broderick JonesLeft Tackles73Steelers
Anton HarrisonLeft Tackles71Jaguars
Wanya MorrisLeft Tackles67Chiefs
Paris Johnson Jr.Right Tackles77Cardinals
Darnell WrightRight Tackles74Bears
Blake FreelandRight Tackles69Colts
Peter SkoronskiLeft Guards76Titans
Steve AvilaLeft Guards71Rams
Matthew BergeronLeft Guards71Falcons
O’Cyrus TorrenceRight Guards71Bills
Anthony BradfordRight Guards68Seahawks
Braeden DanielsRight Guards68Commanders
Joe TippmannCenters71Jets
John Michael SchmitzCenters71Giants
Ricky StrombergCenters69Commanders
Will Anderson Jr.Left Defensive Ends78Texans
Calijah KanceyLeft Defensive Ends73Buccaneers
Myles MurphyLeft Defensive Ends72Bengals
Will McDonald IVRight Defensive Ends74Jets
Felix Anudike-UzomahRight Defensive Ends71Chiefs
Isaiah FoskeyRight Defensive Ends71Saints
Jalen CarterDefensive Tackles79Eagles
Mazi SmithDefensive Tackles73Cowboys
Bryan BreseeDefensive Tackles71Saints
Lukas Van NessLeft Outside Linebackers73Packers
Nolan SmithLeft Outside Linebackers73Eagles
Derick HallLeft Outside Linebackers70Seahawks
Tyree WilsonRight Outside Linebackers75Raiders
D.J. JohnsonRight Outside Linebackers69Panthers
Zach HarrisonRight Outside Linebackers68Falcons

How To Choose The Best Rookie

  1. Understand Your Playstyle:
    • Before diving into stats and ratings, understand your personal playstyle. Do you prefer a fast-paced game, or are you more strategic and methodical? Your playstyle will influence which rookies are best for your team.
  2. Check Overall Ratings:
    • Start by looking at the overall ratings of rookies. This gives a general idea of their skill level. However, don’t rely solely on this. Dive deeper into individual stats.
  3. Position-Specific Stats:
    • For Quarterbacks (QB): Focus on Throw Power, Throw Accuracy, and Awareness.
    • For Running Backs (RB): Look at Speed, Agility, and Ball Carrying.
    • For Wide Receivers (WR): Concentrate on Catching, Speed, and Route Running.
    • For Defensive Players: Tackle, Speed, and Awareness are key.
    • For Linemen: Strength and Block Shedding are crucial.
  4. Potential and Growth:
    • Madden often provides a potential rating or something similar. This indicates how much a player can improve over time. Rookies with high potential can be valuable assets in the long run.
  5. Injury Proneness:
    • Check the injury rating. You don’t want a rookie who’s frequently sidelined due to injuries.
  6. Contract and Salary Cap:
    • Be mindful of your team’s salary cap. Some rookies might demand higher salaries, which could limit your options in future seasons.
  7. Team Fit:
    • Ensure the rookie fits well with your team’s scheme. A player might be highly rated but may not gel well with your team’s strategy.

That’s all there is to it; these rookies the best Madden NFL 24 has to offer.


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