Madden NFL 24, the latest installment in the iconic Madden series, continues its legacy of delivering a realistic and immersive football experience. As the game evolves, so do its mechanics, offering players new strategies and techniques to master. One of the most significant enhancements in this edition is the introduction of diverse passing styles. These styles are not just mere additions; they redefine the quarterback’s role, adding layers of strategy and skill to every throw. Whether you’re strategizing for a crucial playoff game or just playing a casual match with friends, understanding the nuances of these passing styles can be the difference between a game-winning touchdown and a heartbreaking interception. Dive into this guide to discover which passing style aligns best with your gameplay approach.


Best Passing Styles In Madden 24 – Which Should You Pick

1. Classic

  • Description: The Classic style is the traditional Madden passing method that long-time players are familiar with. It’s straightforward, with no additional meters or accuracy checks.
  • How it Works: Simply press the receiver’s button to pass the ball. You can use different controls to vary your passing, such as holding the receiver’s button for a bullet pass.
  • Who Should Use It: Beginners and those who prefer a simpler gameplay experience without the added complexity of meters or accuracy checks.

The Classic passing style remains a staple for those new to the Madden series. While it might seem basic, it’s crucial for beginners to first master the various pass types available. Without the distractions of bars or accuracy checks, players can focus on understanding the core mechanics, such as the Touch Pass, Bullet Pass, High Pass, and Lob Pass. Once these fundamentals are ingrained, players can then explore the more advanced passing styles.

2. Placement + Power (P+P)

  • Description: This style introduces a skill-based component. A meter appears when a player attempts a pass, allowing them to hold down the receiver button to place a pass more effectively.
  • How it Works: A strength meter appears above the receiver’s head. The more you fill the bar, the faster and stronger your pass will be. However, there’s no specific green zone for bullet passes in this style.
  • Who Should Use It: Players who are looking for a bit more control over their passes without the added complexity of aiming.

For those players who have moved past the beginner stage and are looking to refine their skills, the Placement & Power style is a fitting choice. Simplifying the mechanics found in the Accuracy & Placement style, it omits the green zone for Bullet Passes. However, it retains the ability to control the strength of throws and adjust the landing spot of the ball. It’s a balanced style, offering control without overwhelming complexity.

3. Placement + Accuracy (P+A)

  • Description: The most advanced passing style in Madden 24. It combines elements from the P+P style and introduces an accuracy component.
  • How it Works: Along with the strength meter, a reticle appears, allowing players to aim their passes. This style offers the most control but also comes with the highest risk. Inaccurate passes can lead to turnovers, while perfectly timed passes can be game-changers.
  • Who Should Use It: Experienced Madden players who want maximum control over their passing game.

Placement and Accuracy passing style stands out as the most advanced option in Madden 24. While it incorporates a strength meter above the receiver’s head, its unique feature is the green zone. This zone is exclusively designed for Bullet Passes, ensuring optimal timing when filled. Touch Passes, on the other hand, utilize the bar to determine the trajectory, with the green zone acting as a limit. Interestingly, Lob Passes don’t rely on the bar for any specific function. This style, with its intricate mechanics, might be overwhelming for newcomers, but offers seasoned players unparalleled control.


Recommended Passing Style for Beginners: Classic

Why Choose Classic?

For those just starting their journey in Madden 24, the Classic passing style is our top recommendation. Here’s why:

  • Simplicity: The Classic style is devoid of any skill-based meters or accuracy checks, allowing beginners to focus on the fundamental mechanics of the game.
  • Familiarity: If you’ve played previous Madden editions, this style will feel most familiar, providing a seamless transition to Madden 24.
  • Learning Curve: Before diving into the complexities of advanced passing styles, it’s essential to master the basics. The Classic style offers a forgiving learning curve, ensuring newcomers can grasp different pass types like Touch Pass, Bullet Pass, and Lob Pass without feeling overwhelmed.

Recommended Passing Style for Pros: Placement + Accuracy (P+A)

Why Choose Placement + Accuracy?

For seasoned Madden players seeking to elevate their gameplay, the Placement + Accuracy style is our top pick. Here’s why:

  • Precision Control: This style introduces an accuracy component, allowing pros to aim their passes with a reticle. It offers the highest level of control over where the ball lands, making it perfect for strategic plays.
  • Skill-Based Challenge: With the added strength meter and aiming reticle, this style presents a challenge even for Madden veterans. Mastering it can be a game-changer, turning tight situations into opportunities.
  • Risk & Reward: While it’s the most intricate style, it also offers the most significant rewards. Perfectly timed and aimed passes can break defenses and create highlight-reel moments. However, mistakes can lead to turnovers, adding a layer of strategy and tension to every throw.

Recommended Passing Style for Intermediate Players: Placement + Power (P+P)

Why Choose Placement + Power?

For players who have gained some experience in Madden and are looking to further refine their skills without diving into the deep end, the Placement + Power style strikes the perfect balance. Here’s why:

  • Enhanced Control: The P+P style introduces a strength meter that appears above the receiver’s head. This allows players to adjust the power of their passes, giving them more control than the Classic style but without the added complexity of aiming.
  • Skill Development: This style is a stepping stone between the Classic and Placement + Accuracy styles. It offers a challenge, but not to the extent that it becomes overwhelming. It’s an excellent way for players to gradually improve their skills.
  • Versatility: With the P+P style, players can start to experiment with placing their passes more effectively, setting the stage for advanced gameplay techniques. It’s a mode that encourages growth and exploration, preparing players for the more intricate Placement + Accuracy style.

How To Change Passing Style

If you ever feel the need to switch your passing style, Madden 24 offers flexibility. Head to the Settings menu, click on Game Options, and select the Passing Type option to choose your preferred style.


Madden 24 Passing Controls

ActionPS5/PS4 ControlsXbox Series X/S/One Controls
ActionPlayStation 5/4Xbox Series X|S / One
Throw Receiver 1SquareX
Throw Receiver 2CircleB
Throw Receiver 3TriangleY
Throw Receiver 4XA
Throw Receiver 5R1RB
Low PassReceiver Button + Hold L2Receiver Button + Hold LT
High PassReceiver Button + Hold L1Receiver Button + Hold LB
Bullet PassHold Receiver ButtonHold Receiver Button
Touch PassPress Receiver ButtonPress Receiver Button
Lob PassTap Receiver ButtonTap Receiver Button
Pump FakeDouble Tap Receiver ButtonDouble Tap Receiver Button
Throw AwayR3R3