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Madden 22 End Zone Celebration Guide


The End Zone Celebration in Madden 22 is like an emote or a gesture. This emote can only be used after a touchdown, which is not difficult to know when to do. You can perform this gesture in Madden 22, you just need to follow the guide below.

End Zone Celebration in Madden 22

You can perform any emote or any gesture, but you need to keep in mind that you will not get any bonus points for performing any emote in Madden 22. To perform the end zone celebration emote, you need to do a touchdown behind the opponent’s goal line. After you have performed a touchdown, you can use your right joystick to do any celebration emote or taunt.

You can choose between several emotes by tilting the joystick to right, left, up, or down depending upon which animation you want your character to perform.

Performing the end zone celebration is just a visual aspect. You don’t gain any points at all for performing the end zone celebration. However, you can perform this action and make your opponents go crazy, as this will frustrate the opponent team in the field. This results in opponents making mistakes in the field which might be beneficial for you in some ways.

This is everything that you need to know about End Zone Celebration in Madden 22. Need more help? See Face of the Franchise, Dealmaker achievement.

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