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How To Lure The Drake (Dragon) In God Of War: Ragnarok


As part of the path of destruction quest, you will need to defeat dragons. There are three of them in Vanaheim and the last one can get tricky as the game asks you to lure the drake without any context. In this God of War: Ragnarok guide, we go over how you can lure the drake or dragon in Vanaheim, for the path of destruction quest.

Lure The Drake In God Of War: Ragnarok

To lure the dragon you need to be in the jungle and progress to the point where you have flooded the river. You can check out our guide on how you can get to the Jungle if you have not made it that far yet. To kill the third dragon, you need to make sure that it is daytime. If not then you can use an Altar to toggle between day and night.

The confusing part is once you head down the hole in the ground down in the image below:

This is where the game tells you to lure the drake or dragon. Head down the hole and you will find yourself stuck. To get out you need to hit the rotating panels to move the obstacle that is around you and then use your Leviathan axe on the round gear to freeze it in place.

Now do not recall your axe. Head outside via the gate and you will find some wolves. You need to lure the wolves into the cage that you just got out of. Once the wolves are in the cage, you can then recall your axe to have them trapped inside. If you killed these wolves then you do not have to worry as they will respawn.

Once either one of them is trapped inside, you can use the chain to move the platform up. With the wolves on the platform, it is going to say up rather than coming back down. Now you can head back to the top. You will find the Slag Horn drake waiting for you. Head into the arena to fight the boss.

Lure The Drake God Of War: Ragnarok

This is how you can lure the drake in the Jungle for the path of destruction quest in God of War: Ragnarok. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on where you can find Gna, the Valkyrie queen. You can also check out our guide on where you can find the Untamed Fury secret boss.

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