In an unexpected twist, popular Youtube streamer Ludwig Ahgren, commonly known as Ludwig, is seemingly on the verge of a departure from Youtube and exploring the possibility of joining the emerging streaming platform Kick. This potential move comes in the wake of renowned streamers xQc, Adin Ross, and Amouranth making the transition to Kick, causing a stir in the streaming community.


A verified Kick account bearing his name has recently surfaced, sparking speculations of his departure from Youtube. Kick has also started following Ludwig on Twitter.

Kick, a burgeoning streaming platform, has been generating buzz in the industry and has become a popular choice for streamers and viewers. With a strong emphasis on interactivity, robust monetization options, and fostering a vibrant community, Kick has successfully attracted a diverse range of content creators.

It is safe to say Kick is the first major threat to Twitch and Youtube’s dominance in the streaming space.

While Ludwig’s decision to join Kick remains unconfirmed, an announcement might be on the horizon. Should Ludwig indeed make the leap, he would be following in the footsteps of several high-profile streamers who have already found a new home on Kick.

Notably, xQc, renowned for his captivating gaming content and engaging personality, made the transition earlier this month. Likewise, Adin Ross, recognized for his immersive IRL streams and collaborations with various celebrities, has also ventured onto Kick. Additionally, Amouranth, a popular streamer celebrated for her cosplay and engaging chat streams, seized the chance to broaden her horizons and connect with a wider audience on the platform.

The potential departure of Ludwig from Youtube would undoubtedly reverberate throughout the platform and among his devoted fanbase