How To Find The UFO In Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment UFO

Lost Judgment offers a lot of side activities and cases to take part in and Hunt for the Truth is one of them. This side quest tasks players with finding the UFO. This Lost Judgment guide will help players with how to find the UFO in the Hunt for the Truth quest.

How To Find The UFO In Lost Judgment

First, let’s go through how to can start the Hunt for the Truth. Listen to the kids in front of Seiryo High and they’ll be talking about UFOs. Once their conversation is done, search UFO in the Chatter app. Players will see a lot of conversation about UFOs with one claiming that UFOs can only be seen at night.

Since the time of day changes as players progress the story, play the game until it’s nighttime. Go to the bar district and go to the park which is close to the Survive bar. Players will find a blue light floating, use the observation mode on it and a cutscene will play.

After that, players need to get to E Central St and Central S. Players need to use the buzz researcher app and see the chat in that area to trigger it. Once there, another cutscene will play and players will be asked to meet Yabuki at Wette Kitchen. Make your way to the second floor of the restaurant and talk to him.

After the conversation, use the Buzz Researcher app and search UFO and head to Fukutoku Park. Use the observation mode and see the UFO. After that, take a picture of it using your camera. A cutscene will trigger. Use the Buzz Researcher app and it’ll take players to Seiryo High. Go inside the school and make your way to the courtyard. Speak with the kid to the left about UFOs.

Go to the roof and use the observation mode and take a photo. Then chase after the UFO and once Yagami catches it, the quest will conclude.

That is all for our Lost Judgment guide on how to find the UFO in Hunt for the Truth quest. For more on the game, also see our How To Fast Travel Guide.

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