Lost Judgment doesn’t always tell players where to go next as players have to figure it out themselves. This is true for both main missions and side quests. During Chapter 6, players have to locate Sawa and for that, players need to find Sawa’s home address. This Lost Judgment guide will help players with how to get Sawa’s home address.


How To Get Sawa’s Address

From the teacher’s lounge, go to the Chairman’s office one floor above. Talk to the Chairman and eventually, he’ll tell players that Sawa’s home is located at Daikokuten Ave, near Hamakita Park. After that, a quest marker will appear on the map indicating where players need to go next.

That is all for our Lost Judgment guide on how to get Sawa’s Home Address. For more on the game, also see How To Find The UFO and How To Fast Travel.

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