One of the side cases in Lost Judgement is called Where the Kappa Roam. To complete this side case you need to find a bunch of Kappa Statues hidden at various locations on the map. Below is a complete list of all Kappa Statue Locations in Lost Judgment.


Lost Judgment Kappa Statue Locations

This side case is available at N Sakura River St. Look for a drunk man by the river holding a Kappa Statue. Here’s everything you need to know to find all Kappa.

Location #1: There is a round walkway between Fukutoku Bridge and Tsurukame Bridge that has a Kappa for you.

Location #2: Head over to Benten Pawn where you can buy it for 100 Yen.

Location #3: Go to the South end of S Sakura River St where you will see two Kappa statues but you can take only one of them. They are at the end of the railing.

Location #4: Go around the homeless camp in Onodera’s Wares area. Run in a loop around the camp and you will find a map with a Kappa Statues on his head. You’ll need to chase him down to get the Kappa.

Location #5: Go to E Central St. at the Girl’s Bite building. When you are done chasing down the man to get the #4 Kappa, look around in the trash outside the Girl’s Bite building for another Kappa Statue.

Location #6: There is a Kappa at the Drone Racing Registration Area. The location is at the northwest edge of the map. It is like a football field where you’ll see some guys kick a football into a Kappa.

Location #7: The last Kappa is at the Yokohama 99. Head inside and you’ll find that the Kappa is being used for camera testing by Tsukumo. It should be noted that you can’t find this Kappa until you locate all others.

That’s everything there is on how to find all Kappa locations in the game. Need more help? See Squirrel Graffiti Locations, RK Safe Combination, Time Capsule Location.