Despite the main storyline of Lost Ark, which seems to be the end, there’s more you can do in this story by going after “Hidden stories” which are found by looking into sections of Arkesia. You can also see those hidden stories in Adventurer’s Tome once Rethramis is unlocked. Every hidden story will give you a hint about the hidden story location. Here is the complete guide to find these Hidden story locations in Rethramis.


Lost Ark Rethramis Hidden Story Locations

Location #1: You will find this location in the PrideHolme Cathedral in the church altar towards the right side of the window behind Father Varut with a note saying  “I’m going to confess my love for her today. If she rejects me, I shall become a priest. And I will never gaze upon her again.”

Location #2:  This one is easy to find located in the south of Rethramis Border in a burning house. When u get close enough to the remains of that house you will find these lines followed by some unanswered questions “charred remains of what appears to be a frog. There is a melted ring hanging from its little neck.”

How did the man become betrothed to a frog? Was his wife cursed to turn into a frog?

Location #3: This location is a bit different from others because this needs to be completed in three steps within the time duration of 20 minutes for each task to perform.

         The first step of the story starts in the southern part of Prideholme where you will see a house with a garden of sunflowers, on reaching the front door a prompt message will appear  A dialogue pops up. “Honey, I’d love to have some sunflowers in our garden,” the note begins. “The other day you said you wanted ivy,” a different voice responds, “now you want sunflowers?” The note suggests that the old man of the story travels to the “Loghill Wildflower Garden” to find sunflowers for his wife.

In the Second step go to loghill area situated in the southwest direction of the map where you search in the sunflowers garden for  ” Oh, look how vivid its color is! My wife would love it. I wish she had come with me here, that lazy hag.” The old man carefully picked seeds from the sunflower and planted them in his garden in Prideholme.’

Finally, the last step of this hidden story is completed by going back to the step one location but now you look into that side of the garden which is towards Prideholme farms. The final message will be “Thanks to the fertile land, warm sunlight, and the old man’s care, the sunflowers had grown as tall as he was. Like a farmer about to harvest his yearly crops, the old man smiled proudly. “Woman, see my skill? Tell me if there is another geezer in Rethramis who can grow sunflowers as well as I can!”

Location #4:  This hidden story starts with a conversation which gives you a clue that this is located in the mountain region of Ankumo in the old cathedral remains where the exact spot will be in the left corners behind pillars,  where you will discover a message saying, “We enjoyed the journey. The kids loved it, too. However, we ran into a Demon. You should cut down on your drinking. And I’m sorry. I’ll go ahead and see our child.

afterward, your Tome entry under the title “The truth of A Drunk” reads, “The Demon took my wife. This is my family now!” There is very clearly a missing puzzle piece to a story that we might never truly know.

Location # 5:  This location is related to Rudric one of the earliest bosses in lost Ark who was once a priest but fell for evil and wander around the graveyard which is in the northwest of Regria Monastery Tripot. approach towards the wall on the right side of the graveyard where you will find seven graves protected by gravediggers. exploring the graves will reveal a message from Rudric promising revenge against priests.

Location # 6:  It is located in the west farm field of Prideholme where you will see a memorial. On getting close to it it will show: “There’s a small grave behind the farmhouse. Korumba’s brother Nero died from a contagious disease. There is a mark left by a small cat that once sat on the grave.”  This story is about “Korumba’s Cat” under the detail: “A little cat, Nerro, sat on Korumba’s shoulder and yawned complacently. He let out the biggest yawn and rubbed his face against Korumba’s. They seemed like they were brothers.”  

Location # 7: As was the case with one of the previous collectibles, A Knight in Shining Armor is also a “series” and it has three parts. The first part is at the Traveler’s Nook in Rethramis. The location is at the center of the map and from there you need to head north to find a coil of rope after you go past the horses. Locate the small box that has the first story collectible and the next location, Ankumo Mountain.

Head to the south entrance of Ankumo Mountain, from Loghill. When you arrive at the area go left to find two men with grey hoods. Look for the story box in the greenery near the two men.

The final location for A Knight in Shining Armor series is in the Rethramis Border region. Go northeast from the border’s south entrance and make your way to the Makeshift Infirmary. In one of the corners of the infirmary, you will find boxes and a bundle on the ground next to them. Investigate the bundle to get your final Hidden Story collectible for A Knight in Shining Armor.

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