In Adventurer’s Tome, Cooking recipes are important for points collecting in the form of HP or stat potions. This guide will discuss where to find these seven cooking recipes located in Rethramis.


Rethramis Cooking Recipes Locations

Location # 1: The first location of cooking recipes under the name of Veda’s Prideholme-style Home food is outside the Niveria’s Tavern, where there is a potion merchant. This recipe is bought from the merchant’s shop for 3,000 silver.

Location # 2: The second location recipe is in the south direction of Prideholme. Then head towards the sack, which is just outside a wagon and ox. You will get a giant Wheat sack out of these sacks taken to Hely for some Regria Wheat Bread for 1,400 silver.

Location # 3: Another recipe you can find is Regria Flower Oil, located on the left side of Rigeria Monastery. You will find guards outside barrels; look into these barrels to gather Regria Flower Oil.

Location # 4: For the next one is located at Ankumo mountain near a big tree. By exploring it, you will find a lever; by activating it, you will get 499-year-old Mera wine stored in the catalog to be aged into 500-old Mera wine.

Location # 5: Cooking recipe under the name Special potato is earned by gaining the trust of Siera by increasing your reputation through gifts.

Location # 6: The next item can be retrieved from Loghill. Move towards the white bushes where you will find the disgorged lump.

Location # 7: For The last item to be retrieved, two things have to be done. First, Go to the Rethramis border near the windmill, where you will find a Solar tree sprout beside the windmill. Secondly, leave for Prideholm town and communicate with Hely to have Dawntree Sprout Cider.

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