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Lost Ark Platinum Field: How to Farm, Use, Tips


The Platinum Fields in the Lost Ark are instanced islands that let you refine and reap the trade skills without wasting energy. To enter these areas, you’ll need an “Entrance Ticket for Platinum Field Instances.” Yet, getting ahold of this ticket can be difficult as these lands are full of extraordinary loot. Thus, finding one is truly divine fortune.

Acquire the Entrance Ticket, and you can join two Platinum Field queues: Nahun’s Domain (Foraging/Logging/Mining) and Old Yudian Canal (Fishing/Hunting/Excavating). Keep in mind that there is a time limit of 15 minutes, so work quickly! If it’s challenging to locate these queues in significant cities, search “Platinum Field” for the exact location.

How To Farm Platinum Field

Need help with your Platinum Field Entrance Ticket? Don’t worry; there are no strings attached. Since it’s such a valuable item, nobody wants to miss the chance. To ensure success for every instance, you queue up and obtain a minimum Trade Skills level of 10 or higher in the pertinent instance. Consequently, you will be able to accumulate a large number of nodes inside the dungeon.

With the countless streets and avenues on maps, one individual can only cover some paths. Thus, making a squad of four players more beneficial, as everyone wants an entrance ticket. Working together will help you search more efficiently rather than blindly hunting. Forming a team and collaborating is the best way to save time while achieving success.

How to Best Use Platinum Field Tickets

To best use the Platinum Field tickets, you’ll need a few things, including a level 34 aging for the Golden Finger Skill, minimum purple tools with the Super Armor effect, and lastly, you’ll need a fast character such as deadeye or gunslinger. The entrance to Platinum Fields are available in all major cities, but you must enter the Runart Manor because we will focus on foraging, mining, and logging.

When you enter the waiting room, you’ll notice some icons at the top left corner of the screen. You will also see some goods to your right, which must be delivered to the NPC to acquire buffs. Returning all four will give you access to the cave, and if you unlock the cave, all goods will respawn. So the best way is to have fast movements and foraging to collect everything, reset and repeat.

Tips and Tricks

  • Because you’re embarking on an exploration venture instead of a fight, it’s wise to equip yourself with the Super Armor, as it boasts Paralysis Immunity and guarantees that no interruptions will arise along your journey.
  • As the event draws close, ensure you don’t miss out on returning your materials. When hovering over three critical resources in the top left corner of your screen, ensure that those are what you pay attention to. They will drop items all you need for a triumphant return. Whether you’re exploring, gathering resources, or logging in to a dungeon, remember to pick up any items along the way and then make your way back to the entrance.
  • Gather four of the same collectible items and return them to their source to unlock a portal containing even more farming materials.
  • After opening the portals, remember to collect the materials inside. Once you’ve acquired enough items, a hidden island will appear at the bottom of your map! From there, teleport and search for a chest containing crafting materials and the extra nodes. In short, This is an excellent opportunity to gather the necessary resources – so take advantage of it!
  • Upon completing this journey, you will be rewarded according to the degree of effort.

That’s all you need to know about the Lost Ark Platinum Field: How to Farm, Use, Tips. For more on Lost Ark, here are some guides you may like:

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