Lost Ark is an MMORPG with a lot to offer collectors. There are many rare and powerful items to be found in the game. But for the truly dedicated collector, there is only one goal: to find all of the Lost Ark Masterpiece Collectibles.


One of the eight collectibles in Lost Ark is Masterpieces. You can find a total of 52 Masterpieces. There are different ways to collect masterpieces, from simply picking them up off the ground to completing quests and defeating bosses. Here is a list of all the rewards you can get: 

No Masterpieces  Rewards
1 2x Masterpieces 30x Soul Leaf
2 4x Masterpieces Emote: Proud
3 6x Masterpieces Uncommon Card Pack x3
4 8x Masterpieces Vitality Increase Potion
5 10x Masterpieces Sunflower Island Soul
6 12x Masterpieces 20x Eternity Essence
7 14x Masterpieces Stat Increase Potion
8 16x Masterpieces 3x Rare Card Pack
9 18x Masterpieces Structure: Azure Hill
10 20x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
11 22x Masterpieces 15x Creation Fragment
12 24x Masterpieces Conviction
13 26x Masterpieces Epic Card
14 28x Masterpieces Structure: By Lantern’s Light
15 30x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
16 32x Masterpieces 10x Menelik’s Tome
17 34x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
18 36x Masterpieces Wei Card
19 38x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
20 40x Masterpieces Title “Art Aficionado”
21 42x Masterpieces Structure: Divine Protection
22 44x Masterpieces Judgment
23 46x Masterpieces Guardian Luen Card
24 48x Masterpieces Greatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime

Below I’ve listed where you get all the 48 Masterpieces in Lost Ark:

  • Quests
  • Una’s
  • Collectible
  • Content
  • Exchange
  • Adventure Tome Completion
  • Secret Map
  • Rapport


Masterpiece No Quest Location
#1 Masterpiece  Artist in Residence Sunflower Island
#13 Masterpiece Pain to Gain Liebeheim Island


Masterpiece No Quest Location
#9  Masterpiece  The Cursed Ruins Ozhong Hills
#10 Masterpiece Running the Port Wavestrand Port
#18 Masterpiece  Prisoner Release Karlhertz
#19 Masterpiece The Archaeologist’s Freedom Island
#28 Masterpiece Fermata’s True Manager Cradle of the Sea Fermata
#48 Masterpiece Relaxing Hot Springs Job Star Sand Beach 


Masterpiece No Item To Collect
#3 Masterpiece  30x Island Token 
#11 Masterpiece 24x World Tree Leaf 
#21 Masterpiece  9x Giant’s Heart 
#22 Masterpiece 55x Island Token 
#23 Masterpiece 30x Sea Bounties
#32 Masterpiece 950x Mokoko Seeds
#33 Masterpiece  11x Giant’s Heart 
#38 Masterpiece 75x Island Token
#39 Masterpiece  38x Sea Bounties
#44 Masterpiece 1150x Mokoko Seeds


Masterpiece No Item To Collect
#14 Masterpiece Cube
#15 Masterpiece Silent Hall
#17 Masterpiece Shadespire Floor 25 LVL 440
#24 Masterpiece Cube
#24 Masterpiece Silent Hall
#35 Masterpiece Silent Hall
#36 Masterpiece Elite Cube
#40 Masterpiece Elite Cube
#41 Masterpiece Silent Hall
#45 Masterpiece Dimension Cube
#46 Masterpiece Hall of the Sun


Masterpiece No Marchent Items 
#2  Masterpiece  Stronghold Merchant Illayne 4,275x Raid Seal 
#12 Masterpiece Blackfang’s Den Navigator Rosa 3,600x Gienah’s Coin
#20 Masterpiece  Starlight Isle Merchant Favreau 3,300x Gienah’s Coin
#27 Masterpiece New Vernese Exploration Ship 10,000x Pirate Coin
#34 Masterpiece Atropos Black Merchant  30,000x Pirate Coin

Adventure Tome Completion:

Masterpiece No Item To Collect
#4 Masterpiece 50% East Luterra 
#5 Masterpiece 50% Tortoyk 
#6 Masterpiece 50% Anikka
#7 Masterpiece 50% North Vern
#8 Masterpiece 40% Shushire
#30 Masterpiece 40% Rohendel
#31 Masterpiece 40% Yorn
#37 Masterpiece 40% Feiton 
#43 Masterpiece 40% Punika 

Secret Map:

Masterpiece No Event Location
#16 Masterpiece  Any Chaos Gate Secret Map
#26 Masterpiece Yorn Chaos Gate Secret Map and higher
#42 Masterpiece  Feiton Chaos Gate Secret Map and higher
#47 Masterpiece Punika Chaos Gate Secret Map and higher


Masterpiece No Rapport
#29 Masterpiece  Calvasus 

Where to Turn in Masterpieces

Masterpieces can be turned to an NCP named Alfons Vedice, who can be found at Sunflower Island. He’ll offer hefty rewards if you trade masterpieces with him, including Rune Val, Soul of Sunflower Island, and more.

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