Adventure Books are some of the very items that you can obtain in Lost Ark. These are also called Adventure Journals. You can collect these books to uncover certain things about an area, as these are area specific. There will be some hidden quests in the books, and other quests like killing bosses. When you complete these quests, your Adventure Book will be filled and you will get rewards. This is the complete guide on Adventure Books in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Adventure Books

You will find Adventure Books all along your journey. This means that you will find them from the beginning, but the quests in these books are not as much rewarding for what you will invest to complete the quests. It is better to not do any Adventure Books quests in the beginning as you are also striving for the resources. Adventure Books would be such a hurdle on your way to reaching level 50.

The rewards that you get after completing the Adventure Book quests are not much appealing. This is why the rewards have been considered once again and now you will get 80% rewards from most of the continents. These include a 90% of an Expedition Area Ornament, and a 100% artifact affinity reward.

These Expedition Ornament would serve as a bonus to your Expedition area and also a decoration piece on your plot. The Mark of Ignea is now 100%, which is an item that can reward you some powerful equipment. You can collect multiple Marks of Ignea to get most appealing rewards. This means the more Ignea marks you collect the more rare and epic rewards you get.

This is everything that there is for you to know about what are the Adventure Books in Lost Ark. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Lost Ark wiki page.

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