In Lords of the Fallen, magic is a potent force that provides players with significant versatility, allowing them to deal damage from a distance and harness various powerful effects. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use magic in the game, including unlocking and utilizing Umbral or Radiant magic, understanding the types of magic available, casting spells, and learning new spells.

  1. Accessing Magic: Players can access magic early in the game, especially if they choose a class that utilizes magic. However, unlocking magic spells requires reaching Skyrest, the game’s first main hub. Here, players will find NPCs that sell spells, catalysts, and other items essential for their builds.
  2. Locating Spell Sellers: In Skyrest, players need to head left from the Skyrest Vestige. Here, they’ll find two NPCs who sell spells. One is located upstairs (Molhu, who specializes in Umbral magic) and the other downstairs (Dunmire, who specializes in Radiant magic).
  3. Unlocking Spells: Players must interact with these NPCs to purchase spells and catalysts. Molhu can be found in the Umbral dimension, accessible using the player’s Lamp. Dunmire is located before a grid that cannot be opened initially.

How To Use Umbral or Radiant Magic

To use magic, players must first buy a catalyst corresponding to the type of magic they want to use (Umbral or Radiant) and equip it. This process involves meeting certain requirements, such as having a specific number of points in skills like Radiance or Inferno.

Once the catalyst is equipped, players can then equip their chosen spells in their active slot, allowing them to use these spells in place of their bow.

Types of Magic

  1. Radiant Magic: This type of magic includes spells that can buff weapons, armor, or items, or provide healing. It requires a Radiance Catalyst and offers a wide range of spells.
  2. Inferno Magic: Inferno magic, or fire magic, includes damage-based spells that can significantly harm opponents. It requires an Inferno Catalyst.
  3. Umbral Magic: This magic type, requiring an Umbral Catalyst, is based on the concept of darkness. Its spells are a mix of damaging and buffing qualities, with unique applications compared to the other types.

How To Cast Spells

Casting spells in “Lords of the Fallen” is a process that requires both the right equipment and knowledge of your controller’s layout. Here’s how you can cast spells:

The first step to casting spells is having a catalyst, which acts as the conduit for your magic. Each type of magic – Radiant, Infernal, and Umbral – requires its specific catalyst. These can be found or purchased as you progress through the game.

After acquiring a catalyst, you need to equip it in the third slot, which is typically used for weapons. Upon doing this, you’ll notice additional slots appear. These slots are for the spells you wish to cast, and each one corresponds to a different control button on your controller.

With the catalyst equipped and spells slotted, you’ll use the controller-specific buttons to activate the catalyst. This step is crucial as it switches your available actions from your standard weapon attacks to your slotted spells.

Once your catalyst is active, you’ll use the left triggers on your controller to aim your spell. This process is crucial for spells that require precision or have an area of effect. After aiming, you press the button corresponding to the spell you want to cast. It’s important to note that each catalyst has a different number of slots, so the number of spells you can have ready to cast will vary.

Casting spells uses mana, which is represented by a blue bar beneath your health bar. Managing your mana is crucial as it limits the number of spells you can cast. You can replenish mana by resting at Vestiges, using consumables like Manastone Clusters, or equipping specific items like the Manastone Ring that enhance mana regeneration.

How To Learn Spells

  1. Interacting with NPCs: Different NPCs in the game will teach players various spells. For instance, for inferno magic, players can unlock spells as the game progresses, with one available early in the game from a prisoner under the Skyrest Bridge.
  2. Exploring Magic Schools: Radiance and Umbral magic can be found in the same area, with NPCs close to each other in Skyrest. Players must use the Umbral Lamp to access Molhu for Umbral spells, while Dunmire provides access to Radiance-related gear.